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    Liz C

    Anyone here of either Titan or Eureka raw dog food? I’ve been researching and it’s so confusing, not sure if they are one of the same? I have a local co-op I can get a more affordable pre-made raw from Ross Wells Titan Blends, they are complete 80/10/10 blends:

    This is not where I am getting it from but the link below shows the label info. They have two different complete blends, Red and Blue



    And here is the Eureka


    I found some reviews but not many so wondering if this looks like a good option. I use complete blends 80/10/10 now minus the added vitamins and minerals. The blends I have just have the protein, organ and bone so not sure what the pros/cons are. to having the extra ingredients?

    Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it!

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    I responded to you on the other thread

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    Jeanne S

    I’ve been using Titan RED for my girls for about 3 month’s and they love it. Tried chicken and turkey and they don’t like it. Tried the salmon but it was like getting a fish slurpy…nothing holds it together and it smells. Really like the RED fine grind but it’s hard to get in my area. Very affordable and convenient but today someone told me it’s not balanced. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS? I’d hate to think I switched to RAW and it hurt my girls. They are currently eating 2 raw meals per day plus a small kibble with 1 additive at night for a snack. (no lactose cottage cheese or canned ID)

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    Lia S

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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