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    Cody H

    Yesterday I noticed my blue pit puppy who is approximately 7 weeks was walking funny. I wasn’t sure it was an injury and since she was going to the vet on Wednesday I asked my wife to see if she could take the puppy in today to have her leg looked at and to do the appointment a day early.

    My wife was able to take the puppy to the vet today. The vet stated our puppy was going through a growth spurt and sometimes it looks like an injury. The vet also stated our puppy is overweight. My wife told them we were feeding the puppy Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Puppy formula. The vet told her the food wasn’t recommended and our puppy was malnourished and recommended we switch to Purina puppy chow. When my wife left their office she was given a bag of Hill’s Science Diet.

    Everything I have read says Blue Buffalo is way better than the Purina Puppy Chow the vet recommended. The puppy may be being overfed by my Daughter so that will be addressed to ensure she is getting the correct amount.

    Now I am wondering if I should get rid of the Blue Buffalo and switch to something else like TOTW or something along those lines. Would Blue Buffalo not be giving our puppy enough nutrition?

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    This must be an error, 7 weeks? The pup should still be with it’s mom.
    I hope you meant 7 months, please clarify.

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    Cody H

    Sadly no. The original owners were getting rid of them at 5 weeks. We got ours at 6 weeks. I would have liked the puppy to have been with its siblings until about 8 weeks. Some of the others died so we thought it was best to care for the puppy sooner than later.

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    Okay, at 7 weeks the pup is an infant, it is a miracle that the pup can eat on it’s own, let alone walk. The pup pretty much needs 24/7 care.
    The pup requires several small feedings of soft food a day, fresh water available and a splash added to meals.
    At 12 weeks the pup should be out of the woods, for now, the pup is vulnerable to all kinds of problems.
    Don’t expect housebreaking to begin for at least a few weeks…..
    I would work closely with a veterinarian.
    PS: If you are feeding kibble, presoak overnight in water.

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    Blue Buffalo is far superior to puppy chow. Puppy chow is mainly corn and not a whole lot else. Blue Buffalo isn’t the best of the best by way better than puppy chow. Also if he’s overweight and also malourished at the same time how is that possible?? A lot of vets hate Blue Buffalo which I totally understand. Seems to give a lot of dogs diahrea. But a family member of mine has have her chocolate lab on blue for 7 years since he was a puppy and he’s the picture of health. So if he’s having good bowel movements, strong nails, soft fur not shedding much he should be just fine. But also try the puppy cans of food for now instead of the kibble. Just for a couple weeks if you can then I would switch to their large breed puppy food if you think the dog with get over 50 lbs.

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    I do agree about Blue buffalo; they’ve had their share of problems. Puppy Chow is not a food I would feed. Look in the library here (click the link in the red line way up above); pretty sure there is a list of recommended puppy foods.

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    Purina Puppy Chow is bland compared to Blue Buffalo (personally, I have never used)
    The puppy needs basic nourishment and hydration right now, nothing fancy.
    Listen to your vet. Make sure you presoak with water or plain (no onion) chicken broth.

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    Hi Cody,
    start doing your own research so your puppy has a good start to her life, follow “Rodney Habib” on his facebook page & watch his new free 5 part video’s “The Truth About Pet Cancer” scroll down Rodney’s F/B page & find Episode 2 & 3 & WATCH these episoes PLEASE so your pup has the best start to her life, also feed 4 smaller meals a day “Canidae” has their All Life Stages, Large Breed Puppy Duck Meal formula, or Turkey Meal Brown rice Wet & Dry formula’s. scroll down a bit look to your right for
    “View All” then click on Pages 5 & 9 for Large Breed Puppy Forumla’s & later when your pup is 6 months old start adding fresh healthy foods to her diet & rotate between different kibble brands so she isnt eating the same food 24/7, Pitbulls Staffys are prone to food sensitivities & skin allergies so get her use to a variety of foods & this strengthen her Immune System, just make sure if she is going to be fed a dry kibble her whole life you rotate kibbles but after watching Rodney Habib video’s Im pretty sure you’ll be looking for healthier food instead of feeding dry processed kibble, I only feed dry Kibble cause my boy didn’t have the best start in his life & now has IBD & cant eat a raw/cooked diet..

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    Lori H

    Hi Cody,

    I am just going to tell you. Every vet with a practice went through a seminar during their schooling to either have Hill’s Science Diet or Royal Canin as their go-to brands for either dogs or cats. Read the following article here:

    I would do more research on your end. I can’t speak directly to the benefits of Blue Buffalo as a dog food since my dog is on a very specific diet created and curated by the gentleman who provided the detailed information above due to health issues, but don’t believe everything your vet says. 🙂 They are good at what they do, diagnosing ailments and performing surgery, but when it comes to pet nutrition, they don’t have a lot of knowledge, unless they have gone out and gained further education and are willing to look at it from a different approach that is not related to a kick back.

    I love my vet and believe he has done good things for all of my pets, but when it comes to nutrition, I found my answers elsewhere.

    Good luck on you search for knowledge and don;’t give up before you have all answers you need to make an educated decision.


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