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    Why on earth is it so difficult to find out who manufactures certain dog foods?

    I was browsing the internet this morning and came across several websites and forums where people have repeatedly stated that they will not purchase Pure Balance because it is an “upgraded Ol’ Roy dog food”. So, I set out to find the manufacturer. WOW it was like finding a needle in a haystack! I found the manufacturer only because someone replied to a question and she said she “thought” that PB is manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition. However I went to their website and PB is not listed anywhere. Soooooooo… I emailed them with my inquiry.

    Why is Pure Balance not listed on your website as dog food that you manufacture?

    Just received a reply:
    “Dear Peggy,
    Thank you for contacting us. Pure Balance is a private label food we make exclusively for Wal-Mart, therefor it is not a brand associated with APN”.

    MY reply:
    “Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry.
    It took me the better part of my morning to discover the link between PB and your company.
    Many people refuse to buy it because they can not find the manufacturer and think that it is just an upgraded Ol’ Roy food.
    Perhaps this needs to change?
    It would probably sell better if it was not associated with Ol’ Roy.

    Thank you
    Peggy Gurney”

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Pure Balance came out with the words “by the makers of Ol’ Roy” right on the bag. Walmart wanted them associated.

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    Well was a stupid move by Walmart.

    I just finished searching the bag of PB Grain-free Salmon & Pea Formula, and the Buffalo & Veggies grain-free bag, and Ol’ Roy is nowhere to be found on these bags now.

    I’m betting they experienced some backlash and had it removed.

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    Absolutely!! I was one of the ones that could not believe that something made for Walmart could possible be any good.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Peggy,
    I haven’t fed the dry, but do feed the stews & tubs; don’t feed the 95% canned anymore. Wal-Mart may have changed the labels, however on the stew cans I have “Premium dog food by Ol’ Roy” is written below the Pure Balance name. On the tubs & the one 95% canned I have left “The best ingredients pure & simple” is written under the PB name.

    Wal-Mart CS would be the ones to ask about the Pure Balance brand, Ainsworth is only a co-packer. FYI, Simmons is the manufacturer of the canned foods.

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    I will definitely look further into this, thank you Bobby_dog.

    I didn’t find Simmons anywhere on my 4 hour search this morning.
    I will dig into that as well. 🙂

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    Bobby dog

    You’re welcome. I imagine once they use up the labels they have for the stews they’ll put the pure & simple sentence instead of from Ol’ Roy on the stews going forward.

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    I’m on the sight now. Funny how they don’t tell you ANY of the companies that they manufacture food for. 🙁

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    Bobby dog

    I would think the company that owns the brand wants to control the information about their pet foods rather than some company that only manufactures for them. If a co-packer posted the different companies they make food for people might expect them to provide info for the different brands they make food for.

    There are some brands I won’t buy because of the co-packers they use. Being affiliated with certain co-packers can also affect business. Another reason a pet food brand might not want their brand posted on the co-packers site.

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    I see your point, Bobby_dog.

    Obviously you are comfortable feeding your dogs the PB can/tub food, correct? And my dogs seem to love it (except the beef and veggies stew). And there’s never been a recall that I can find. And DFA gives PB an excellent rating.

    So why am I leading myself to a mini-breakdown over this issue?

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    Bobby dog

    I am comfortable with Simmons & Ainsworth at this time. IMO it’s good to know and keep up with who makes what! It’s hard to find this info sometimes. My rule of thumb is if the pet food company won’t disclose their manufacturer or I can’t find out who makes it I don’t feed their food. There are other pet food companies who are transparent to choose from. I always start with the pet food company when I want to know who makes their food. My CS experience with Wal-Mart was that they took one month to answer my questions. I have seen a Pure Balance CS rep post here before, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

    Edit: I feed other brands that Ainsworth manufactures.

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    Ouch. Seeing a dog food with “By the makers of Ol’ Roy” on the bag would drive me away like mad. Pure Balance is a great food though, that I would feed if I shopped at Walmart and they had it near me. I guess looks can be deceiving.

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