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    Jeff D

    Looking for high quality training treat for our lab/shepherd 8 week old.

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    Mother Hubbard has nice small biscuits, perfect for training or quick reward.
    Check Chewy dot com for more information.

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    Michael R

    Yeah, Chewy.com will be a good option to check.

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    Don N

    The most important thing to consider is a good healthy treat. One with all natural organic ingredients….including gluten free flour, no eggs, no dairy, etc.
    Dogs like humans can have allergies and reactions to the normal ‘store bought’ food and treats made with preservatives, fillers, chemicals, etc.
    I make fresh ‘baked to order’ dog treats with all natural organic ingredients.
    Check them out at Etsy……Tail Waggin Dog Treats.

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    soru L

    The most important thing to consider is a good healthy treat

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    Mary J

    Have you tried vegetarian dog snacks? There are really healthy and have a lot of advantages for dogs. I use the https://teddys-treats.com/en/ ones and there are great. My little boy loves them!

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    Oscar D

    We use chicken bites and lung chunks to train our pups. Bully sticks central has some good ones. https://bullystickscentral.com/products/all-natural-chicken-bites-1lb-bag

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    Bully S

    Here is a list of the best training treats for puppies:

    Small, soft treats that are easy to chew and swallow, such as chicken or turkey jerky.
    Freeze-dried liver treats, which have a strong scent and flavor that most puppies find irresistible.
    Bite-sized cheese or peanut butter filled training treats.
    Mini training treats that are low calorie and specially designed for puppies.
    Homemade baked or cooked treats, such as mini meatballs made with ground beef or chicken.
    Remember to give treats in moderation as a supplement to your puppy’s regular diet, and always monitor your puppy for signs of digestive upset or weight gain. https://www.bullysticksdirect.com/

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    Bhushan S

    Alcazar Pet Store is your one-stop-shop for all your furry friend’s needs. We offer a wide selection of high-quality pet supplies, dog harness, and accessories.

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