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Group of People
Every great community has values it cherishes. And one of ours is promoting the spirit of open discussion.

We want our comment area to be a place where anyone can feel free to kick back and join the conversation comfortably. You’ll find our community filled with great people — and great discussion.

It’s a lively place. A friendly place. And it’s here to let you have a voice. And allow you to share your thoughts with other folks just like you.

So welcome. And come on in.

We’re Casual
Yet We Do Have a Few Rules

Great communities always have some guidelines of behavior to ensure everyone has a good time.

We always encourage courteous critiques, polite debate and calm disagreement. And we welcome thoughtful, respectful criticism.

However, we don’t allow flaming, name calling, cyberstalking, trolling or trashing. And we don’t accommodate people with a subversive agenda.

Nor do we tolerate spammers, scammers or cyberbullies looking to use a conversation to their advantage or simply to damage or discredit others.

Also, we reject those who are here to disrupt public discussions by whatever rude means possible just because they believe they have the right to make a point.

Multiple Identities

Of course, the use of multiple identities or other deceptive tactics designed to mislead or defraud others are strictly forbidden.

So, if we suspect you’re posting fraudulently, be prepared to verify your email address or to confirm your real name by providing your Facebook, Twitter or other established social media identity.

Personal Agendas

This website was created to encourage relevant conversation about dog food and dog food manufacturers only.

However, we do not allow our Forums to be used as a place to air your personal grievances or complaints about any individual or retail business.

Thus, we reserve the right to completely remove any thread that mentions a personal name or business name in its topic title and which has been designed to harm the reputation of that individual or company.

We enforce our Topic Title Rule vigorously — but only when we’re aware of violations. Contact our moderator to report infractions.

A Special Warning
to Trolls and Other Anti-Socials

Rest assured, the moderators of this community currently maintain a zero tolerance policy for any of the kind of offensive or anti-social behaviors described above.

This includes remarks that are rude, disrespectful, mean-spirited, profane or otherwise lack good manners.

So, if in our sole opinion you are believed to be guilty of any of these unwelcome infractions, you can be absolutely certain your offending comments will be immediately deleted.

And you could be forever banned from posting anywhere on this website.

That’s a promise.

A Word to Veterinary Professionals
and Company Representatives

In the interest of fairness, those who publicly claim to be veterinary professionals are kindly asked to post using their real names.

Pet food manufacturers, distributors, retailers and representatives may also comment here. However, those with a vested interest in any product must publicly disclose this important information to others and always post using their real names.

While you are here, feel free to answer readers’ questions and to dispense advice about feeding your products.

However, please do not use this website as a means to distribute free samples or coupons, offer discounts, or conduct product marketing operations.

Also, please be advised we cannot protect you or your company from negative comments posted here about your products or your business practices.

Prohibited Business Activities

We do not permit the use of this website to promote undisclosed or inappropriate business interests.

Prohibited activities include posting links to websites that promote puppy mills, controversial products, fraudulent fundraising, blatant or hidden investment schemes or any other questionable business practices deemed deceptive or unethical by the editor.

In addition, we do not allow spam of any kind. This includes the repeated posting of links to any website in which you have a vested interest — and for the apparent purpose of promoting that site.

If we suspect a user is posting here in promotion of any prohibited activity, all comments previously posted by that user will be subject to immediate removal.

About Keyword Spam

There’s an especially deceptive practice we see where folks don’t leave real names in the name field of their comments. They instead insert a keyword phrase like “Buy Florida Real Estate” or “Lose Weight Fast”.

These people mistakenly believe that doing this will somehow do something good for their business.

Frankly, that’s kind of silly — don’t you think? After all, if the rest of us want to have a conversation with you, how are we supposed to address you?

“Dear Caribbean Vacations”? That just doesn’t seem right, does it? Besides, putting a keyword in the name field is disrespectful to all the hard work we put into this blog.

So go ahead. Leave a comment. And welcome to our community. We’re glad you’re here.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor

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