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    Kaye J

    Has anyone used these chews as prescribed by their veterinarian? I just started using them and my 10 lb. 13 yr old dog has had a bad reaction to them. I am trying to see if my experience is isolated or if these chews are an issue. She had explosive bloody diarrhea, not wanting to eat or drink and then on fluids at the vet for 5 days. She is finally okay, but all her blood, urine and xray testing were fine as were her vitals. Once she was off food for 24 hours then slowly put on a bland diet, she has returned to normal. She has been on Fromm (I always review dog food on this site first and get a good quality for her) for the past five years with no problems. Any insight or help is appreciated.

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    Kaye J

    I posted this to the Chews board because I mistakenly posted it to the wrong board yesterday. This is really not about vegetarian dog diet.

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    Gracey M

    bpm counter analyzes the tempo of incoming audio in beats per minute (bpm). The detection circuit looks for any transients, also known as impulses, in the input signal. Transients are very fast, nonperiodic sound events in the attack portion of the signal. The more obvious this impulse is, the easier it is for BPM Counter to detect the tempo.

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