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    Hi, is there an updated for 2018 suggestion for flea control? I currently order Frontline from 1800 pet meds.

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    I use Earthbath like posters above me because it’s easy to order from Chewy. I also recognize all the ingredients!

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    My pup needed Vitamin C supplements, and I had issues finding one that she could absorb. I saw the most improvement when I gave her blueberries as treats. Her body was able to absorb those. The Vitamin C supplements I bought for her were for dogs, but I don’t think her body was absorbing it. If you can find glucosamine in its natural form, I would recommend that

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    My puppy and my senior dog eat a food with dicalcium phosphate. I’m studying towards a degree in animal nutrition (stopped trusting my vet … but that’s another story, hah), and what I’ve found is that dicalcium phosphate is safe.

    Calcium and phosphate helps growing puppies (and older dogs with weakening bones develop stronger bones. It’s like calcium for humans. Phosphorus (in dicalcium phosphate) helps form bones and teeth, and it works with protein synthesis for tissue repair. Aka it’s great for pups with injuries.

    Through that I know that dicalcium phosphate is safe. I have no experience about tricalcium phosphate though. I’ll ask at my next vet/animal nutrition course. That’s a good question. With my basic chemistry knowledge, it seems like it’s just a different isomer/combination for dicalcium phosphate but I’m really not sure.

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    Answered! 🙂

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    @haleycookie seems to know about the merrick canned food. I’ve never had merrick canned food.

    I spent last Christmas in the animal hospital emergency room because my dog’s mouth was bleeding after eating a chicken bone. (We were at my parents’ house and feeding her table scraps – big mistake.) I thought she had swallowed a chicken bone and her esophagus had punctured. Fortunately, the chicken bone was stuck in her teeth and she was clawing at it. That’s where the blood came from.

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    I agree with the Susan Wynn site. It’s very helpful to calculate real levels of protein. I use that for my dog all the time when comparing pet foods.

    For my cat, I feed Freshpet because there are just so many preservatives in pet foods and Freshpet seems the best.

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