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    I have some more questions. Since I’m switching to just canned and raw from kibble and canned and raw I was just wondering exactly how cat’s get all the protein they need from just canned and raw because when I look at the GA on the kibble I feed it’s 44% protein but the raw doesn’t even make it to 20% and the cans are around 10%-13%. So will my cat’s protein intake go down if I cut the kibble all the way out? It’s probably a silly question because I know a wet diet is better then kibble and cats shouldn’t even have kibble, but if anyone could explain the protein thing to me I’d be appreciative.

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    The canned food is not converted to dry matter. Your cat may have to eat a greater volume of food when it eats raw or canned because of the water content, but it’s actually getting more protein.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi haleycookie:
    Here’s a few articles about DMB and a DMB calculator to help you out. On Dr. Wynn’s site look under “Nutrition Basics” and select “Dry Matter Conversions.”


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    Idk if I should keep asking for help here but it seems a bit easier then starting new threads everytime and perhaps if we keep this thread busy we will be noticed and get our kitty food advisor site. Anyway I have no problem feeding my dog good foods as she’s not picky and has a great appetite but I’ve seem to run into problems with my three cats. I’ve switched over to just raw and canned and they’ve been doing good but it seems they’re getting burned out of the types of caned I buy them. I work at a pet shop and I love adventuring to other pet boutiques and stores and looking for other good brands of food from the five star brands here on dfa. It’s easy to find my dog good foods for her rotation diet but buying cat food I find is a bit different as each can can vary in quality and what not. I feed my cats wellness core, wellness signature selects, instinct, lotus, weruva, and holisic select. Where I work supplies the wellness and instinct but I do venture out and get the other brands and I order weruva from time to time. However my kitties seem to be getting tired of this line up and are leaving their bowls almost full when I go to clean up their bowls. Does anyone have suggestions on grain free and fish free canned cat foods? I’ve been thinking of natural balance wild pursuit and blue wilderness, but I’ve been weary of blue since they’ve been found to be lying about what they put in there foods. Any easy suggestions where I can either buy individual cans or order them singly that would be very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

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    Hi Haleycookie-
    I think it’s fine for you to post questions here. Have you tried any of the Halo or Whole Earth Farms canned cat food?

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    I have not. I thought about adding halo’s impulse cans but for some reason I just forgot about them so I’ll have to try them for sure and I tried regular merrick canned sometime ago and for whatever reason they weren’t a big fan. Is the whole earth farms much different? And there’s the whole purina owns merrick thing I’m not a big fan of supporting anything purina. Even if they still say merrick is seperate.

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    Halo has some decent coupons, if you are interested, at halo pets.com. My cats like all their products.

    Yes, I was buying WEF kibble and canned for both my cats and dogs before the acquisition. It’s more in my price range and they all do great on it. However, the prices are starting to rise and I may have to move on.

    Another one I bought recently is Tiki’s Gourmet Carnivore due to a good sale. It looks like real food! That might be a good one for you to try.

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    I can’t find tiki gourmet anywhere sadly. Only the regular tiki cat cans that all have fish in them. I’ve been curious about the gourmet cans tho. If I ever come apon it I’ll def have to buy a couple cans.

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    I found this site that seems similar to dogfoodadvisor, looks decent so far. It has a very similar idea to this site, looking at nutritional info and ingredient lists for a ton of different cat food products and brands. catfooddb.com

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    Matt H

    Thank you so much for sharing this info here. I am newbie here. And don’t know much about this foods. Glad to get it here. 🙂

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    I put a bit of warm water to my cat food before I give it to her. She’s enjoying it.

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    I agree with the Susan Wynn site. It’s very helpful to calculate real levels of protein. I use that for my dog all the time when comparing pet foods.

    For my cat, I feed Freshpet because there are just so many preservatives in pet foods and Freshpet seems the best.

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    ron m

    I found this when I was doing some research on cat food thought you might be interested /www.cleanlabelproject.org

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    Buy lots of fishes

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    adam s

    Well, this is really very nice to see this thread about cat food. I need some healthy meals for my cat and finally, I found it. BTW, I have also tried Probiotics in my cat diet and it worked well. I got some healthy nutrients from https://mycatneedsthis.com/best-cat-probiotics/

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    By Dr. John De Jong | Ask the Vet
    April 28, 2019 at 12:22 am
    Our 10-year-old cat started vomiting after eating some chives that we had cut from our garden.
    Our vet told us to get him into an emergency hospital right away. We were informed he could have suffered a serious blood issue and even died.
    Why are chives so bad for cats? What other herbs in our garden do we need to watch out for? Do we need to lock up our greenhouse to keep out our cats?
    Luckily, everything turned out well and this one is OK.

    While it is not likely that serious harm would have come to your cat unless he ingested an extraordinary amount of chives, you took the right precaution by taking him in.
    Chives are mildly toxic to cats, and to some dogs as well. The herb belongs to the same family as garlic and onions. High doses of any of these can cause something known as hemolytic anemia in which the red blood cells rupture and the animal becomes weak or worse.
    The first symptoms include drooling, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal discomfort. This can then lead to pale gums, weakness, rapid breathing and an increased heart rate. The initial signs may be seen immediately, but those attributed to the anemia may take a few days to appear so serial blood tests may be done to ensure that anemia does not develop.
    I doubt that you need to lock up your garden, but do keep an eye on things. There are many sources out there that can teach you about toxic herbs and plants, and you can talk to your veterinarian about what you are growing.
    I hope your cats, properly fed, won’t get too much more curious about what to chew on.

    Cat gets no kick from chives

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    Dogs F

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