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    Amanda V


    We have a 55 pound mixed breed pup who’s 2 years old. He has a very sensitive stomach and so far the only food he’s done well on is just food for dogs turkey and whole wheat pasta. We have been cooking fresh food for him for over a year but we travel a lot with him which makes it hard. We want to try a dry food but don’t know where to start. Before the fresh food we tried Purina, hills, blue Buffalo, etc. he was even on the vet’s chicken prescription food. Does anyone have any suggestions for dogs with similar stomachs? We are open to regular dry or dehydrated raw. With precious dry food he always had bathroom issues as well as would throw up fairly frequently, have itchy paws and need his anal glands expressed often. The fresh food fixed everything but the itchy paws and anal glands. Thanks in advance!

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    Reine S

    Our 6-year old beagle had both stomach issues and skin allergies. He’s been on dry hydrolzed purina (chicken flavor) for a few years now, and he is doing great from that perspective. It was recommended by vet and requires vet prescription. In addition to the diet, we also feed him at mouth level as when he ate out of a bowl on the floor he was also prone to throw-up.

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    Jessi S

    @Amanda V I can only speak from experience with my own sensitive dog. So far, I’ve had the best luck with Wellness. She did good on Core but I’ve found the Trufood line to work wonderfully for her. Nice small and firm stool. No more indigestion either.

    /dog-food-reviews/ happy wheels wellness-dog-food-super-5-mix-dry/

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    malinda r

    Hi, I have a dog with sensitive stomach, 40lb, 8 years old. He’s had the issues since I got him at 2 years old but he’s greatly improved with some trial and error.
    I don’t think he’s vomited in 2 years which is incredible compared to the first year I had him!

    We feed Carna4 chicken for kibble, it’s baked rather than extruded, made in Canada. In the am we give Stella & Chewys raw dehydrated patties with a little kibble, in the evening we give health extension canned turkey with kibble. Although lately the canned has changed formula, not so great.
    But anyway I would suggest using some freeze dried raw with the kibble, it’s rehydrated with a little water.
    We feed cooked ground turkey anytime he has loose stools, and lay off the kibble. That seems to have solve some of his issues.
    Some days we feed primal raw frozen nuggets, or Evermore frozen lightly cooked, delivery service dog food.
    It’s funny because it’s well known that you shouldn’t just throw a new food at a dog, because that alone could make the dog sick. But there are some high quality foods that we feed once or twice a week and there’s no adjustment period.
    We limit water and high energy play for 30 minutes after eating, I started realizing my dog wasn’t digesting his food well, based on vomit and diarrhea I’d see when he was sick. So I try to let his stomach do it’s work without the added stress of play or excessive water. ( my dogs an ocd water drinker!)

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    runi K

    Make sure the meat you are feeding is fresh and good quality! Another transition method is to switch directly from kibble by offering one meal of raw food followed by one meal of kibble, and gradually reducing the number of kibble meals.

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    multipl E

    It’s humorous because it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t just feed a dog new food because it might make it ill on its own. However, there is no transition time when we offer certain premium foods once or twice a week.
    We don’t allow water or vigorous play for half an hour after meals. I noticed my dog wasn’t properly digesting his food since I would witness vomit and diarrhea after <a

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