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    Patricia J

    I’ve been following the Dog Food Advisor for a fair number of years now. Based on what I learned here, I’ve been feeding my German Shepherd/Samoyed mix girl, Sammy, Fromms dry food for the last 11 years (her whole life). We just had a check-up because she has started “leaking”. The vet put her on Proin ER to help with that, but then suggested we do more extensive blood work, which showed that Sammy has a high Createnin level (2.5). Vet said to start feeding Purina Pro Plan NF, that it has been shown to dramatically extend life. OK, fine, that’s what we want, so yeah, I bought some and have been mixing it in with the Fromms to transition.
    Here’s what I don’t understand—the first ingredient in the NF is CORN! That’s followed by rice, egg, fish oil, a bunch of vitamins and chemicals. I get that it probably doesn’t have things I’m used to that contribute to her problem (like meat), but how is what it does have in any other way nutritional?? The corn especially got me, as I thought I’d learned that it basically was empty filler. How will this be good for Sammy’s overall health?
    Any information/insight will be appreciated. Thanks. Pj

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