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    Liz C

    I have a local co-op I can get a more affordable pre-made raw from Ross Wells Titan Blends, they are complete 80/10/10 blends:

    This is not where I am getting it from but the link below shows the label info. They have two different complete blends, Red and Blue

    I found some reviews but not many so wondering if this looks like a good option. I use complete blends 80/10/10 now minus the added vitamins and minerals. The blends I have just have the protein, organ and bone so not sure what the pros/cons are. to having the extra ingredients?

    Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it!

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    I don’t understand why they add wheat germ oil, fish, eggs and vitamins.

    I feed ground raw and it’s just meat/ one/organs. I buy from Hare Today

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    Liz C

    Yes that is what I was used to feeding. But the supplier that I normally get my blends from, their prices are much higher.

    I am just wondering if it still looks like a good balanced option. I’m guessing it’s still way better than kibble.

    Just hoping someone has had some experience with using their brand…

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    Maybe someone will respond. I wouldn’t feed it, I don’t want other things in my raw but that’s just me. Good luck!

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    Jennifer R

    Yes, I think it is much better than kibble. If you go to the following page, you can see over 100 reviews from others.

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    I know I am very late to this post but – I have been feeding Titan Blue Fine Grind for a little over a year. I switched all 3 of my dogs, including a German Shepherd that has EPI. Previously fed Merrick kibble. My dogs have thrived on this raw diet. It is easy, inexpensive (compared to sourcing meat myself) and I it has increased their quality of life. My 13 year old lab acts like he is a puppy.

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    Jaky S

    I’ve been feeding Titan for 4 months. My dogs are thriving and its way more affordable than when I was preparing homemade raw/cooked. Eggs add fatty acids. Fish is a source of natural vitamin D and omega 3. Wheat germ oil adds vitamin E and omegas. If you are feeding raw without supplementation your foods will typically be low on iodine, vitamin d, magnesium, manganese and vitamin E. That is why dog food manufacturers supplement.

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    Jana L

    I use this food all the time. I have fed the red and the blue to my dogs and cats – it’s especially nice for the cats since they don’t always go for bones and organ meat as enthusiastically as the dogs.
    These blends can also be cooked – it probably seems like heresy to most raw feeders, but I do cook for my dogs! They get a small portion of cooked vegetables with their meals as well, and raw eggs from my own hens. We’ve been doing this for nearly two years now, and I’m very happy with their health. Nice coats, active, bright, good weight.

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    Jeanne S

    I love feeding my dogs Titan Red complete. I never hear that you can cook it and how would you if you wanted to? Does cooking make it lose nutrition? I heard you were in the stages of creating pre-sliced CHUBS. Is that true and if so when?
    My only concern is there’s just one distributor where I live and he’s not always available. Do you know of any others in the area of Palm City, Jupiter, Stuart, Palm Beach Gardens area.

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