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    I dont like that Alfalfa ingredient either. sometimes you have to gain some and loose some… especially with kibble.
    I actually know a ton about Annamaet. I did a bunch of research on them. The company is amazing. Has never had a recall. Its a super small family company with great customer service. What really sets Annamaet apart is they make their own vitamin and mineral pack and by doing this they can guarantee nothing is sourced from China which most companys can not do. They also seem to change the formulas somewhat frequently as they learn more about what is best and what isn’t. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. They have a wide selection. I tried my dogs on their Ultra 32/20 and after a couple weeks I simply couldn’t get solid stools. I may have not given it long enough and may try it again in the future.
    I have a girl with skin issues and she seems to do best on Victor although her issues may not be food related. Coconut oil twice a day with her food has made a worlds difference. 🙂

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    Linda H

    How much coconut oil are you adding. My girl loves to lick it off my fingers. I give my girl a meat broth every morning with a capful of ACV, and have started adding some coconut oil.

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    I add 3-4 teaspoons a day divided over her meals. Or a heaping tablespoon. I just eyeball it. Shes 45lbs.
    Rule of thumb is a teaspoon per 10 pounds or a tablespoon per 30lbs. All dogs are different. I give it to a few of my other dogs but not even half the dose I give her. She is my problem child.. She also gets Braggs RAW apple cider vinegar, Fish oil, Spurlina, probiotic, and of course she doesn’t get any “crap” in her diet. Also a raw egg on her morning raw meal every other day. She used to be a nightmare scratching herself raw but i’ve got her pretty much under control now. 🙂

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    George C

    We are feeding Evanger’s grain free dry food and it seems to be a high quality food, is there a reason it is not included?

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    You can do a googl search but Evangers is a sketchy company. They got in trouble for having different proteins in their cans than what the label said, for not paying overtime to employees & for stealing electricity from a neighboring factory.

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    Catherine G

    I had no problems with Evangers food my dogs all did well on it but I did have no wonder about their ethics and if they are unethical in business are they unethical with their ingredients. Waiting for Whole Dog Journal February edition as it will be rating dry dog food. they want lab reports to confirm the ingredients no more sending in an ingredient list. Keeping everyone honest.

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    Jeanne M

    I have been feeding Vital Essentials Raw and Freeze Dried Raw. My Shelties are thriving on it and I think it is an exceptional dog food. There are no grains, fillers, veggies, etc. Just meat, bones and organ meat. Please check it out! It’s awesome!

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    Heidi B

    In your “Editors Choice Puppy Foods for January 2017” you list Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Puppy as appropriate for large breed puppies.
    However, in your review of the product, you clearly state “Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Puppy appears to be suitable for small and medium breed puppies only. This recipe may not be appropriate for larger breeds.”

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    Robert L

    Have you reviewed The Farmer’s Dog? If not, please do so.

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    Hi Heidi,

    During a recent update, we inadvertently concluded our analysis by restricting our recommendation of this puppy food to smaller breed puppies when in fact it is appropriate for ALL puppies.

    However, per our calculations and reported in our review, the energy-weighted nutrient content of 3.8 grams of calcium for every 1000 calories as fed is well within the range of up to 4.5 grams of calcium per 1000 kcal.

    We’ve now corrected the text. Thanks for calling this to our attention.

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    Dennis M

    I would like to nominate Simply Nourish Dog Food. I read a post by one of your members that the canned food is made in Thailand. I can not find any reference for this food being made in Thailand. On the cans in just states that the company is in Phoenix, AZ. Also none of the flavors that you include in your review of the canned food is available in my local Pet Smart.

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    Keith H

    How about the brand Zignature? I have been feeding this to my dogs for a while and they really like it.

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    Amanda Y

    I’d like to nominate The Farmer’s Dog: I’ve been using them for the last few months and am very satisfied but would love Dog Food Advisor to give your 2cents. =) Thanks!

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    Mary S

    Have you evaluated “Wild Harvest”? I just bought three pounds of the dry grain free salmon and sweet potato with blueberry (no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by product meal, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives). They also have a beef and a chicken recipe. It was new to my local market – expensive!

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    Michelle L

    Nominating Precise Pet Products out of Texas for the Editor’s Choice. Excellent for Large Breed with the right amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus. Thanks!

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    Jeffrey M

    Hello! Great website – I wanted to recommend a brand: Pure Harmony (

    Thank you! Jeff

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    Stan C

    Request you take a look at Soul’yRaw They comply with the AAFCO standard and don’t use additives.

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    Susan H

    I have been looking at Victor Grain Free and SportDogFood Elite. Any feedback on these brands? Note: I’m not happy to see that Victor uses peas as their second ingredient, but my CBR loved the samples we tried. Currently feed Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison Limited Ingredient and have healthy dogs.

    Suggest you reverse your comment section to put the most recent first. 🙂

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    Namali K

    I have been researching “Zignature”. They carry a varied LID all without chicken. I also called the company, because they seem relatively new – learnt that they have only been in business for 6 years. Their ingredients seem solid and they said that they only manufacture in the US. I would like to nominate this brand for EC.

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    Michael P

    Blue Buffalo?

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    zelda b

    Nutri Source Pure Vita Turkey & Sweet Potato. [email protected]

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    Joy W

    Kirklands Puppy Food. Less than 1/2 the price of the foods listed in the preferred and it is 4.5 stars.

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    I recently did some research and found Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak (Northern Woodlands Recipe with Turkey, Duck & Quail was the flavor I looked at) as a new brand that seems comparable w/ ingredients to other 4 & 5 star rated foods, I thought you could check it out.

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    Elaine C

    I nominate The Honest Kitchen grain free with dehydrated meat (all kinds) and their Preference & Kindly Base mixes you add your own meat to. All are human quality ingredients.

    I also recommend Weruva canned dog food. An excellant food with limited, quality ingredients.

    Thanks for all you do for our beloved pets. I am so sorry you lost Penny.

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    Jene B

    American Journey…? Anyone?

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    Jocelyn L

    North Paws

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    Robert L

    I see lots of nominations for dog foods, but no feed back from the editors.

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    zelda b

    I nominate Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Formula.

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    Stan C,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Like every nomination we get here and by way of our special “Suggest a Dog Food” form found in the footer of every page on this website, we consider every suggestion that QUALIFIES for our ultra-select Editor’s Choice recommendation.

    In addition, the company must also (at the very least) meet our minimal requirements to be reviewed on our website.

    Please check the 2 links I have included in this particular comment. And you should be able to see why the brand you suggested doesn’t meet minimal criteria to even be reviewed on our website.

    For example, we’re unable to find a single food product anywhere on the Soul’y website that shares critical and standardized FDA-compliant label information. Most notably, there appear to be no Statements of Nutritional Adequacy Statements. And no other assurances from the company that any of these foods are “complete and balanced” for a specific AAFCO nutrient profile.

    By the way, in general, raw dog foods are notorious for not providing full and complete FDA compliant label information — or making any effort to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles. In fact, many of these foods are simply not complete and balanced.

    In addition, like many other raw dog foods, the Soul’y products have only limited regional distribution. So, they would only be available to very few of our readers and members.

    Lastly, because we receive more than 100 review suggestions in an average week, our small team does not allow us enough resources to reply to every recommendation.

    With our Editor’s Choice nominations, each suggestion could have its own reasons that it fails to meet our guidelines (as detailed in the links above). With over 1,000 suggestions in this thread alone, it would be impossible for us to provide a detailed reply to each comment we get.

    In any case, even though we do not have the resources to provide a detailed response, please be assured we frequently scan these suggestions for new ideas.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this suggestion.

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    Laura S

    I would like to nominate Just Food For Dogs.

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    Deborah H

    What do you of Natural Balance and Earthborn Holistic – did not see it on the long list.

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    zelda b

    Pure Vita Turkey and Sweet Potatoes.

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    Bruce M

    Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural

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    Brian B

    Please evaluate this dog food:

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    Eran L

    I would like to recommend / nominate Perfoamatrin.

    I have a puppy Doberman (9.5m) and he is on his 6 or 7 27 pund bag.

    We had a lot of issues in the beginning with diarrhea and loos stool. Brands we tried were Acana,Orijecn, GO, Fresh, Royal canine. Eventually we used the Digestive care from RC, until,

    My dog just loves this food! whenever I getting ready to feed him he starts drooling and dripping 🙂
    The food is easy on his tummy, no more loos poop and no more gassss!
    Poop comes out always the same in density and shape lol, and there is less to pick up then other foods I tries.

    Food had lots of protein (37) and is grain free.

    Price is reasonable too.


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    Jillian W

    What about Farmina? It has 5 star reviews and is GMO free, but not on the GMO list or editors choice. Just wondering what I am missing, as I really love the brand but am leaning towards picking something from the lists here just in case I am missing something. Thanks!

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    Janeen S

    My dog is presently going through Chemo treatments. I had switch to a Grain Free Whitefish & Duck food for her and my vet said she recommends that we just keep up with the dog food during treatment.

    Any possibility you can evaluate Pet Wants in Ohio? They are a manufacture who have local franchises of animal foods offering fresh manufactured dog food that is also delivered in monthly batches. Limiting shelf life.

    It would be interesting to read your evaluation if this is true.


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    zelda b

    Nutri Pure Vita Turkey/sweet potato.

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    Patrick R

    Nulo Medal Series Grain-Free Puppy formula

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    michael n

    We would like to nominate Farmina N&D GMO free Lamb Grain Free Medium Dry dog good. We have been using Acana but tried Farmina and our Aussies like this brand better.

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    Daniel G


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    Erica H

    Hi there,

    American Natural Premium is a brand carried on that was suggested to me by a breeder. It is an American-made food that appears to have quality ingredients and meet calcium profiles for large dogs. I would be interested in reading a review on this food brand for use in large breed puppies in particular.


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    Theresa R

    I did a quick scan to see if anyone has already nominated Ziwipeak and didn’t find it. If I missed I apologize!!

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    CJ D

    I have been very happy with Brother’s Complete, especially the turkey formula. TCVM (traditional Chinese veterinarian medicine) views turkey as a “cool” food, which is just what we need in Florida. We switched @ 2 years ago from another expensive brand. We have a 14 yr old & a 4 yr old mix breed on it. 60# & 14#’s. They are both healthy, alert, & have shinny coats with no more digestive problems. I do supplement with some homemade food too. You get what you pay for – either pay for great food or pay the Dr.

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    Donna B

    How about Solid Gold Wildheart Quail Pumpkin & Chichpea Grain Free Dry dogfood?

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    Weruva human grade “soups.”

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    Donnie V

    Zignatures Lamb formula we have been feeding our dogs for over a year with no side effects at all. They love this food and at $62.00 per bag I would think that Zignature would be on your list….anyone else using this brand?

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    Linda L

    I would like to know more about Beyond dog food by Purina.
    On another note, is there any way to reverse the comments here, so that the latest comments comes up first?

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    Bennett B

    Hello! I rotate my dogs through Fromm, Orijen and TimberWolf Organics – various recipes of each. They do the best on TimberWolf Organics. I have noticed no digestive issues at all when using TimberWolf — always nice firm stools, and no skin allergies. Even when making a wholesale switch to TimberWolf with no gradual changeover. With Fromm or Orijen they need a day or two to adjust and for their stools to firm. My only complaint with the TimbeWolf is product supply. There are many times you have to wait for several weeks for specific recipes as they are ‘out-of-stock’. Else, I find it to be a wonderful diet for me two dogs. And they love it, too.

    TimberWolf Organics — I Enthusiastically Recommend it! Thank you!!

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    Great Life and South Star (formerly Pioneer Naturals) are now owned by Texas Mills.

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