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    Theodore L

    I wrote to ZiwiPeaks about their food since we have a dog with IBD. The following is their email to me: Hi Theodore:
    Thank you for your inquiry. We are thrilled that you are looking into feeding ZiwiPeak. We are passionate about pets, and strive to produce the best foods available for our furry friends! Many pet parents with dogs (and cats) suffering from IBS / IBD have found ZiwiPeak to be the perfect diet for their fur babies, due to the lack of fillers, preservatives, grains and other ingredients completely unsuitable to a carnivore’s digestive system. One of the ingredients that is included in ALL ZiwiPeak recipes is cold-washed green tripe. Green tripe is a powerhouse of nutrients, is extremely digestible and palatable and contains probiotics/prebiotics and digestive enzymes which help establish a healthy gut. I will be asking our Office Assistant to mail you a sample packet, and I’ve attached a guide for transitioning your dog. Please refer to the feeding calculator on our website’s homepage for the recommended daily serving.

    Here’s some basic information about ZiwiPeak:

    All ZiwiPeak recipes and formulas are complete and balanced as a daily diet for ALL breeds, and for ALL life stages. To determine your pet’s recommended feeding amount, please use the feeding calculator on our website’s homepage:

    ZiwiPeak gives your pet the equivalent of a raw, wild prey diet and is made from over 95% raw meat and organs, including natural fat and bone. Our food contains no rendered meats or meat by-products. We add no artificial colors or flavors, no carrageenan, no chemical preservatives, no grains or potatoes, and no added salts, sugars, gelatin or glycerines or cheap filler ingredients. These ingredients cannot be efficiently utilized by a carnivore’s digestive system and can contribute to various health issues, including skin & coat problems, itchy skin and ears, yeast infections, allergies, obesity, kidney disease, IBD/IBS and diabetes. ZiwiPeak cuisine is over 95% digestible and extremely palatable to even the most finicky dogs and cats.

    ZiwiPeak uses free-range, grass-fed meat raised on traceable, approved New Zealand farms, and seafood caught using ecologically-sustainable practices under New Zealand’s stringent, government-controlled, fish-management system. All meat and seafood we use must be free from added hormones, antibiotics, growth promotants and GMOs. Our added vitamins and minerals are sourced from reputable, traceable suppliers in the USA, Europe and New Zealand and Japan. We do not source any ingredients from China.

    We add New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel to all ZiwiPeak formulas to provide high levels of natural glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, and cold-washed green tripe, which provides important vitamins & minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics needed for healthy digestion. We are relentless in our commitment to quality and care, operating under the most stringent health and safety standards. Every batch of ZiwiPeak must meet both our own in-house specifications and the highest international benchmarks. All ZiwiPeak products meet or exceed industry standards.

    Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance,
    I did not write her name since I don’t have her permission. I have been transitioning one healthy guy to this food. I am not ready to do the IBD guy yet since he just had a setback and the Vet (Internist does not want any changes). I received a very fast response – I liked it!

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    Linda H

    Naturella: I went to the small family owned pet place this week to ask for Merrick because of it’s high ratings. The owner said they don’t carry Merrick since Purina bought them out.
    She recommended Victor pet food because it is family owned and has always only made dog and cat food. I am sure there were other reasons also.

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    Jamie C

    Victor Hi pro for dogs and puppies. You gave this a 5 star rating, however I don’t see it anywhere in the editors choice section? Why?

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    Dr. Warren L

    Pure Vita

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    Diana G

    I would like to recommend Spot Farms. I have discovered Spot Farms dehydrated grain-free chicken recipe (human grade) which claims to be complete & balanced, meets AAFCO nutrient profile for all stages of life, including growth of large size dogs.

    Why is this not on any of your lists?

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    Christie L

    I would like to nominate Weruva, both the dry and the canned. It’s wonderful food. I took a lot of time deciding what to feed my 2 dachshunds and 1 chihuahua mix after feeding them Acana Regionals for years. The new Acana, made in the US, is just not even close to the same food as the Acana from Canada. My dogs refused to eat it. Weruva has been wonderful and they are thriving on it.

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    Christie I agree. I’ve nominated it before

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    Linda B

    Redford Naturals

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    Karen B

    What about the new air dried Real Meat? All, K9 Natural, Vital Essentials and Northwest Naturals raw??

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    Paula G

    Wondering why Solid Gold Wild Heart Quail is not on the list ? Not all of Solid Gold’s foods are manufactured by Diamond – there are several that are not, this being one of them.
    Thank you !

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    I am currently feeding my three Mini-Schnauzers The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Beef (Love Formula) & The Honest Kitchen Grain-free cage free turkey (Embark Formula). Is there some “insider knowledge” that has led this food to not be included on the Editor’s List? I have been happy with it, but is there something I need to know? Please tell me why The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free formulas are not on your list. Thanks!

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    Leslie R

    I’d like to know more about Spot Farms dehydrated dog food. I usually feed my dogs Honest Kitchen. I tried the pork variety of Spot Farm & they LOVED it. But I’d really like your analysis. Thanks.

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    Alice M

    I would like to nominate Natures Variety Instinct with raw bites. My GSD has always been fed Acana and Orijen until the formula change. Now I have switched to Instinct and she is doing better.

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    Jeff H

    I wish you would provide a simple list of all the foods that have been nominated. And then indicate whether or not you have had the time to consider the nomination.

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    Tommy B

    My Little Wolf
    Tender Moist

    Owned by American Pet Nutrition

    Turkey & Salmon
    Turkey & Duck

    Grain Free , Starch Free

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    Ted S

    Not nominating, but wondering if 4health Grain-Free Large Breed Formula Adult Dog Food has been looked at recently?


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    Gail R

    Has Halshan raw food ever been looked at?

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    Cassandra T

    Has Open Farm Grain Free Dog Food been mentioned yet? The ingredients look good.

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    Alice M

    I would like to nominate Timberwolf Organics. It is 80/20 and the ingredients are healthy.

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    elaine c

    Yes I think you missed one!! I am using ANSWERS Dog Food. It is raw. It is unbelievable. It has changed my dogs health! I am now a raw fan and think that it is the only way go go for dogs and should be talked about much more!! Kibble , even good kibble can only be so good because it is so processed. I hope more people will check it out and do your pets a great big favor!

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    Susan C

    I’m not nominating it, but I have heard Zignature is very good. Just was wondering why it is not on the “Editor’s Choice” list.

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    Linda M

    Victor’s grain free

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    Gerard F

    I am getting an 8 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. The breeder uses Propac Performance puppy food. It is supposed to be rated 5 stars/
    First ingredient = chicken meal second ingredient yellow corn (not good)
    Protein content over 30%
    Fat content over 20%
    Ratio fat/protein = 66%
    Nowhere does it say how much calcium.
    In fact in the reviews of the individual puppy formulas on this site, no calcium content is given. The vets say about 1.5% or 3g/1,000 kcal with a ca/Phos ratio of 1-1.3

    Do not want to change abruptly but this does not seem like the ideal food

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    Susan W

    Gerard F – check out VeRUS Pet Foods. They have a puppy food and a large breed puppy food. Then, as your puppy grows, you can move on to one of their other formulas. Here is the nutrient analysis for their large breed puppy formula:
    rotein (min) 23% Fat (min) 15% Fiber (max) 4% Moisture (max) 10% Calcium (min) 0.9% Phosphorus (min)0.8% Omega 3 fatty acids (min)2.0%* Omega 6 fatty acids (min) 4.2%* Glucosamine 422 mg/kg* Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg/kg* Probiotic Activity (min) 3 mil CFU/gram*
    If you contact them, they will answer your questions and send free samples.
    VeRUS is a 4 star here, tho I don’t know why. They’ve never had a recall in almost 30 years. They’re a small company that uses organic &/or free-range protein sources. They keep current on nutritional requirements. You might want to check them out.

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    Bonnie K. S

    I may have missed it, but I don’t think so. Why aren’t Nature’s Logic products on your list? Since their dog food meets your criteria, is all natural, and does not use synthetic additives, I would expect to see it here. In fact, when I originally went through your lists, checking out all of the 5 star foods, Nature’s Logic appeared there, so I don’t understand why it isn’t listed with Editor’s Choice.

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    Victors Grain Free and High Pro Plus

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    Dennis M

    Simply Nourish Source dry and canned.

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    I see a lot of posts for Darwin’s, any reason that anyone knows of for it not being included? I feed frozen raw for an allergy boy. I was using Natural Instinct then it became hard to find and started using Stella and Chewy’s, but recently the local pet stores have carried it less and it is now a special order. When asked, they say that Primal has a better sourcing for the meat. It is more expensive and I am curious how true that is? Is it a matter of profit margin? I know many will advocate for making their own, but as a over 26 year vegetarian/vegan I am doing well feeding commercial raw. Thanks everyone!

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    Oceandog: I prefer Primal because it is locally sourced (according to the regional salesperson, still need to validate myself though), but that is also why it doesn’t have the same meat ratio as Stella and Chewy’s due to limitations in quantity.

    NOMINATE: Timberwolf Organics (good price point, quality, similar to Orijen Canada Dry), Zignature (limited ingredient brand that helps many dogs with very sensitive stomachs that come through our store when other brands aren’t working)

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    teresa b

    What is your opinion about Tru Dog?
    Teresa [email protected]

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    Donna S



    What about Earthborn Dry? We use the bison meal variety. To my knowledge no recalls ever. It rates 5 stars on your other lists.

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    Kotrina K

    How about Muenster or FirstMate?

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    I guess I have more of a question than anything. Other than their homemade RAW they have done the best on victors kibble. High pro plus to be exact. Small dark firm bowel movements.
    I switched to Annamaet 32/20 (my dogs need high fat) and it gave them soft stool that was much lighter in color and had a yellow look to it. Now I will admit I gave them the new food cold turkey.

    The only reason I switched in the first place is because Victors wasn’t on the editors choice list and I am concerned about the quality of the food and their customer service.

    Someone with knowledge on this please give me their thoughts.

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    Jeanne M

    In my opinion – Vital Essentials makes a great freeze dried raw as well as a frozen raw. I use both for my Shelties. Please give them a peek and post your findings/opinion.

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    Susan K

    What about Victor grain free ? I have been using it for many years, made in the USA and is GMO free to never have had a recall and started in 1950..

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    I also have used Victors grain free and High Pro Plus and all my dogs have done great on it. I have also nominated it.
    I think it is not nominated because the companys customer service is terrible. If you ask them a question and they don’t want to answer they just ignore you. Don’t call you back and really “beat around the bush”. I am currently switching my dogs over to Annamaet ultra. Only been on it for about a week but so far I don’t have the perfect stools I had with Victors. I’m hoping that will change after some more time. The company is amazing.

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    My dogs also do very well on Victor, but I don’t think it is GMO free.

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    Victors used to state on their website that they were GMO free (except their formulas with brown rice). With their formula change they no longer make this statement. They are currently updating their website so perhaps it will come back.

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    henriette p

    I would like to dominate Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance.
    I also have a question about Great Life Grain free. I just got informed it’s not gonna be available anymore?
    Thank you

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    Dye H

    You rate the Victor Grain Free as a 5 Star? However, it is not mentioned on your Editors Choice list? I nominate Victor Grain Free. Also, where can we see the Best Dog Foods for Small Breeds like our Miniature Dachshund?

    Thank you.

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    Tony L

    Hi Dave,

    Why is Evangers not on Editor’s Choice. You have rated it very highly in the past.


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    I don’t know who Dave is but Evangers is not a very reputable company. You can google to read the articles but they’ve gotten in trouble for having different ingredients in canned food than what the label said, for stealing electricity and for not paying overtime to employees.

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    Genevieve N

    Fedwell is the brand I’d like to nominate. Thank you for your great work!

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    Tommy B

    On your review of Waggers Tender-moist 5 Stars you state it is a “Can Food” It is in fact not, now or ever.
    That being said, there will be a can line launched on this line ( My Little Lion/Wolf) in 2017

    The My Little Lion/ Wolf is a tender-moist line of food and treats for cats and dogs and was acquired in 2016 by American Pet Nutrition. Note the name Waggers is no longer attached to this line.

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    Kathleen C

    has Open Farm dog food ever been considered?

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    N&D Farmina

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    Karen K

    I would like to nominate Nutri Life Dog food it is made in the Fromm plant

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    Catherine G

    I do rescue , I have 8 small dogs mostly puppy mill survivors, 4 lbs to 10 lbs. They always have toppings of cottage cheese, pumpkin, yogurt and fresh pet. I try to stay away from white potato, alfalfa, tapioca and pea protein. I am currently feeding Evangers Whitefish, I have tried the Eagle Pack but it is not grain free, they seem to like the fish recipes. Does anyone have any other suggestions? The kibble has to be small.

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    Hi Catherine,
    I will be honest with you, I would never give Evangers. The company has had a lot of issues and are very untrustworthy.
    Eaglepack I have not personally tried but I know people have used it with good results. Grains are not always the enemy. All kibble needs some kind of starch as a binder. Your looking for a kibble that is meat based with less of that said binder (carbs).
    Victors is a great option. They have both grain inclusive and grain free. The kibble is VERY small and dark. Looks kind of like rabbit poop ;). Dogs tend to produce small dark firm bowel movements.
    It’s price is also very reasonable.

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    Catherine G

    Thank you SummerRainAussi,
    I really appreciate your input. I have looked at Victor many times but do not like the Alfalfa ingredient. I have also tried Annamaet Lean as I have older little couch potatoes, having lived a life in a puppy mill they just want to be by me or on the sofa. The Annamaet Lean caused a hot spot on my 15 year old but perhaps one of their other foods could be an option. Do you have any knowledge on them?

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