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    I don’t know that Victor is GMO-free, but I love it nonetheless. I got some samples from them and Bruno has been loving all of them except the Yukon Salmon one, which he still eats mixed in with his Earthborn Coastal Catch and Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension Original. We use the other Victor Grain-free samples as treats and he all about them. Can’t wait to feed the Ultra Pro mixed with Back to Basics next year! 🙂

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    Brianne M

    What about Nutro Ultra?

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    Debbie V

    Flint River Ranch

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    Ronald R

    Hello Dr. Mike:

    Please consider Green Cuisine 4 Pets, made in Califiornia….raw frozen and..

    Happy Pet Products made in Wisconsin (I beleive)…..raw frozen.



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    Farmina! It’s now available from Chewy’s. And Darwins… no brainer.

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    Jule S

    I would nominate Honest Kitchen and/or Smack Pet food

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    Charlotte M

    I would like to nominate Nature’s Logic (Chicken & Sweet Potato) dry dog food. All vitamins come from food ingredients rather than vitamin additives. Is there a reason this brand didn’t make the list? Also curious about Merrick and comments on this brand. Please advise.

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    Actually, I don’t believe any of the varieties of Nature’s Logic kibbles contain sweet potato.

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    rose g

    hi, I would like to suggest (luckydogcuisine.com )please. it is a cookedmeal like homemade, in small batches, then frozen in one pound pouches.fresh and shipped to you.it is made by a vetenerian

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Charlotte –

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    To better understand how companies are selected for Editor’s Choice check out this article.

    Also, if you’re curious about Merrick I’d recommend visiting the reviews for their products and skimming through the comment sections.

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    Gayle M

    Just Food For Dogs, there was a person on Your Facebook page that says she only feeds her dog this food. It is cooked fresh, frozen and then delivered to your home. I have not tried it but it looks like it might be wonderful. I am so tired of these companies changing our dog food constantly. I am getting a new labradoodle puppy the first week in June. Until I found this website for fresh food I was going to go with Wellness Core Puppy Dry Food. I also believe my Labrador that we lost in October 2013 at 10 years old had a much shortened life because of the various recalls back in 2011 having to do with Diamond, she had liver damage done and since she had gotten sick she never did eat the same.

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    Steven A

    Wellness Brand Core? Rates 5 stars.

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    Wellness is already on the list.

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    Marion P

    How about Oven Baked Tradition? I have used their grain free as well as large breed puppy. One reason for choosing it is b/c of concerns over bloat with extruded kibbles. Thanks!

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    Marilyn E

    YEAH, DARWINS. it’s a shame not to see it on the recommended list. We’ve fed it for 2 years–high quality ingredients that look as good as the ground meat we buy at Whole Foods. The packing dates are never more than a month old, sometimes only a week or two. Once a month the UPS truck rolls up to the garage and leaves our standing order of frozen, dry ice packed food. What could be more available than that?!

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    Philip M

    Has The Honest Kitchen ever been rated?

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    You mean like this?

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    Another vote for Nature’s Logic. It isn’t readily available her (kibble) but May be in other areas.

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    Rachel P

    Grain and Potato free! My 3 year old Goldendoodle is allergic to grains, potatoes and apples along with beef, lamb, venison, and bison. Hard to find a good dog food that does:t have potatoes and apples!

    Also Wild Calling canned wet food. 96% meat!
    Please let me know if these 2 brands could be considered.
    Thank you,

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    I’m new, I was wondering why Blue Buffalo Wilderness was not on recommended list since it gets very high ratings?

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    Melissa A

    Hello everyone,im glad to be a new member here. this site has helped thru the food issues, im not posting to nominate but to ask for two dog foods to be researched and put up the info. for us. 1. Victor dogfood,grain free and regular.2.Infinia grain free Zen. thank you for all the help and great posts here.

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    Hi Melissa,

    Here’s the review for Victor Grain Free: /dog-food-reviews/victor-grain-free/

    And, here’s the review for Infinia: /dog-food-reviews/infinia-dog-food/

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    Melissa A

    thank you so much Betsy.

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    Rosemary C

    I nominate Vital Essentials (raw)…I see others have done so as well. They have quite a variety which I like. I rotate red meat, poultry and fish.

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    Karen W D

    Happy Hips, canned grain free

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    Wanda F

    Forgive me for not reading all of the posts but I was wondering why Dogswell/Nutrisca hasn’t been selected as Editor’s Choice? I know Mike has reviewed it but is there an issues with production? Thanks

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    Nutrisca has been working well for us to in rotation.

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    What about Halo?

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    Halo refuses to disclose their co-packer, they say it’s proprietary. I don’t seem them being chosen for Editor’s Choice.

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    Nancy C

    I’m beginning to wonder WHY have an Editor’s Choice LIST if Dr. Sagman keeps getting urges to add particular foods to his list? Or if readers continue to suggest foods to add to the list. I think we should remember that being “on the list” does not preclude other foods from being very good or excellent foods – or even the BEST food for one’s dog. If most peoples’ favorite foods eventually end up on the list, then WHAT ‘S THE POINT OF THE LIST?

    For me, “the list” is only ONE WAY to evaluate dog food. Dr. Sagman’s criteria are as he designated them and the foods comply to those criteria. I also pay close attention to what readers have to say about particular foods they feed their dogs and their experiences with those foods. For me, this is equally important as Dr. Sagman’s list.

    Maybe Dr Sagman should consider having a new heading: “READERS’ CHOICE” and the submissions are given along with WHY the individual LIKES his/ her particular choice.

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    Nancy C. Very well said. I also like the “Readers Choice” suggestion. I don’t think reader’s choices should be on the EC monthly list. Unless of course they eventually come under the scrutiny of Mike, Sandy & HDM. I too was under the assumption that the EC Choice list follows Dr. Mike’s criteria which he, Sandy and HDM have spent an enormous amount of time and effort to investigate.

    I too take into consideration the reviews of posters and their experiences with different foods and their dogs. I take all of it into account before feeding my dogs any foods always remembering that what works for one doesn’t work for all.

    Thanks Nancy C. for your post.

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    While you have a very good point that there are many excellent choices, I would argue against readers choice. People are often so content in their ignorance that since they or their parents fed a low quality food and their dog did fine 20 yrs ago then that’s a good choice. In pet retail the changes come constantly. Every single time theirs a package change there’s a formula change. Even when the package says ‘same great taste’. That’s marketing speak and doesn’t mean anything. Let’s face it 20 years ago science diet was one of the best products you could find. Now none of us would feed it if you gave us a lifetime supply!

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    Nancy C

    We can all choose. We can choose to agree & affirm in our own minds a poster’s contribution or we can choose to disagree about out a food favored by a poster. We each must eventually become our own researcher for our furries.

    Dchasset, I don’t argue with your thinking there is “no need” for a Readers’ Choice list. Readers share their choices already in dialogues. I have written notes on many of them and now have MY OWN FOOD SUGGESTION list based on Readers’ Choice comments. Many of the foods are NOT on Editor’s Choice, but that matters not to me.

    AS dchasset said, Dr. Mike et al have worked very hard to develop a valid, well researched list based on reputable research. Does it REALLY matter if a food we love is not on his list?

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    Hi Nancy. I think you meant Cindi V about not thinking there is “no need” for a Readers’ Choice list. I think it’s a good idea.

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    Nancy C

    Sorry – I did a poor job remembering who said what. Apologies. I’ve said enough.

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    Wanda F

    I think we are not requesting a food be added to Editor’s Choice but why a food we are using is not on the list; for example, is there something we’re missing about how the food is produced, quality of ingredients or the manufactuers willingness to divulge pertinent information…

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    But the topic of this particular forum is “Nominate A Brand For Editor’s Choice”.

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    Hi, I would like to suggest review of Magnusson. It is small Swedish family factory producing oven-baked dog food and it is first and as I know only organisation to produce dog food monitored and approved by KRAV – a controlling body accredited by IFOAM.

    I am always looking for products with the highest possible quality, so I am interested about your opinion on this dog food.

    I appreciate the fact that it is a small family company with minimum advertising. Even the bags are made ​​from recycled paper without attractive color or photo design. And even English (or my native Czech 🙂 home website is missing. Just a small family business…

    What i like: no ads, KRAV certified, 100% fresh meat, no meal, no artificial additives, hormone free, slow baking, organic product quality, no GMO, Environmental Policy

    Home page: http://www.magnusson.ee
    English page: http://www.hundmat.com/en/contact-us
    Tranlated main page: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=cs&sl=et&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.magnusson.ee%2F

    Frantisek Sedlacek
    Prague, Czech Republic

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    I’m currently feeding Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance as a topper. It has a short list of ingredients, only garlic in red. Would like to know if it has been considered for inclusion.

    Perhaps too, a list of those that have been considered and rejected, or there’s sure to be multiple requests for the same foods.

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    Dr Harvey’s Oracle

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    Leigh S

    How about Nulo? I got a very quick response from them when I asked about their meat sources, which I appreciated.

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    Jeannie D

    I would like to nominate: Canine Caviar “Holistic” – only alkaline based dog food in America – they offer dry and canned and are GMO, gluten, antibiotic and Hormone Free products.

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    Lynn D

    Sojo’s freeze dried grain free and gluten free, add your own meat?

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    Yvonne E

    I have a 16 month old, 6 lb. shihpoo and in Nov. 2013, I found this fully cooked and frozen dog food from Maverick Pet Food, called Nature’s Kitchen Supremium Dog Food. I usually get chicken or Turkey with rice, but they also have grain free and Beef as well. Now the reason for this request is my little wonder, as I’m sure many other small breed, is a very fussy and picky eater. Since finding this brand all I do is slice a portion heat it up a little in the microwave and as soon as I put it down for her she gulps it down immediately. Now since I got her at 8 weeks, she has never showed enthusiasm about any food, kibble, canned, soft pack’ anything, till I found this brand. I did take their analysis to her veterinary doctor and she said it looked ok but not enough fiber content. So I get frozen or canned, salt free green beans and add a few to her food and she loves it. It would be helpful to get an independent review of this product and Dog Food Advisor claims to be just that. So I put it before you to Advise me, and others about this product. Now it bears mentioning that this product is not found in supermarkets or major pet store or pet supermarkets. I’ve only been able to find it in pet bakeries and specialty pet stores.

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    Robert R

    Farmina N&D is available at Chewy’s. That’s where I get mine.

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    Yvonne E

    Nature’s Kitchen Supremium Dog Food by Maverick Pet Food


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    Carol G

    Nominate a Brand for Editor’s Choice

    I’ve been using Flint River Ranch dry dog food for years. They have NEVER had a product recalled. Is there a reason they have not been considered for your list.

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    It’s a 3.5 star food. I doubt it would make it to the Editor’s Choice list.

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    Hi Yvonne E,

    Do you happen to live in FL? Maverick Pet Foods is located in Hollywood, FL. I live in Central Florida and my local pet boutique carries the Genesis Raw made by Maverick. From what I can tell they look like a good company. I wouldn’t mind if DFA did a review for Nature’s Kitchen and Genesis RAW both made by Maverick Pet Foods. Although, I think these products may only be available in FL. I’m not sure what their distribution is like and if they are available outside FL or not.

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    Cat C

    What do you have to say about Taste of the wild fowl?

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