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    Jill S

    It’s alarming and disheartening to know you can’t trust the label of a product sold in the United States. My heart goes out to the owner who lost her precious dog, but as with any chew type treat, always supervise your dog. When I offer my two German Shepherds a bully stick I stay in the same room with them. If I need to leave the room I either take the treat away or call for my husband to sit with them.

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    Hi Jill,

    I just want to clarify that the dog that passed was in the same room with the owner and was lying right next to the owner at her feet and was being watched. Th owner acted immediately.

    When I read things like “supervise” I wonder what does that mean? For example, it is oft recommended to supervise all child and dog interactions. yet many bites occur while the child and dog are being “supervised”. This is because the person supervising hasn’t been educated on what types of interactions are inappropriate or on recognizing canine signaling that indicates the dog is uncomfortable.

    There are plenty of child /dog videos posted by well meaning individuals in which the child is clearly in danger but the person filming doesn’t see it. Similarly, I’ve seen plenty of videos of dogs chewing on chews and the person filming their dog doesn’t “see” the danger present.

    For me, my rules are that my dog can neither get the entire length or width of the product into the mouth if it is made of a material that is not expected to easily fracture into many small consumable pieces. The dog owner team must have an impeccable “drop” cue in the “toolbox” so that recovering a chew is not stressful to the dog or owner.

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    Yup, supervise all you want, it doesn’t prevent bad stuff from happening.
    Broken teeth/infection, may not notice it right away. Bowel obstruction that doesn’t show up till a few days later, yes, finely ground up bone can cause this.

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    There is something missing here…I do believe these chews are not rawhide but there is a process the company is being very deceptive in not disclosing it .

    What I see interesting is the way they are hidding the real process of making these chews, I mean…just as @aimee has described about the connection between the guaranteed analysis and ingredients….they just do not match.

    It can’t be a rice based product. Rice is a high carb ingredient and they are reporting carb contents as only 5% (even being second on the list). Another hint…there is no way that you could obtain a fiber-like sheet by compressing brown rice and gelatin (not rawhide enzyme-treated), besides brown rice flour gives a dark gray tone.

    There is a product at Sam’s, “Hide Free Chews”:

    The pieces look very much as “No-Hide” by Earth Animal, at much lower cost, the ingredient line up is similar (all natural ingredients), my dog LOVES them although they do not last quite long as rawhide but they last decent amount of time and there is no doubt the ingredients deck is congruent with the guaranteed analysis for the same base ingredients.

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    Hi AlexT11,

    I hadn’t seen the Sam’s club rawhide free rolls before. They have the same ingredient line up and Guaranteed Analysis as Dentley’s rawhide free retriever rolls. The Dentley’s product ,like the Sam’s club product, is labeled as being a product of Mexico. Maybe they are the same????

    The Dentley’s product looks like a roll but after soaking I can’t unroll it. I suspect it is an injection molded product made to look like a roll. It eventually breaks down in boiling water whereas the Ole Roy product dissolves quite quickly. I wonder if it could be that the Ole Roy product has a higher gelatin content than the Dentley’s( min 60% protein in the Ole Roy vs min 20% in the Dentley’s ) Gelatin melts at about 95 degrees.

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    Hey Aimee,

    yes they are the same, but I found the best offer per chew at Sam’s.

    Gelatin melting points exist in a small temperature range, but it is also known that it depends on gelatin grades and concentrations.

    I’ve made the water test too, pieces of No-Hide chews immersed in water are still intact (for weeks) on the other hand, chunks of hide free chews dissolved in a day in the same pure water.

    Ol’ Roys are made in Asia, if I’m not wrong…China to be precise, higher gelatin contents into a chew of that nature seems too much for me but who knows, so to speak…you can always expect anything from Chinese inventions.

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    Hi AlexT11,

    Gelatin melting temps do vary a bit but all well below the temp of boiling water. The addition of starch to gelatin does raise the melting temp too. but again not too different from baseline on the combinations I found referenced. There is actually papers written on gelatin/starch films properties. All very complicated and fascinating.

    Papers also written on Gummy candies that made of gelatin and starches along with sugars.

    The Ole Ray packaging I have states “product of China” Buy a pack and check them out. i found them very different from the other chews I’ve looked at.

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