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    My yorkies pH went from 8.5 to 6. Had blood work done because he’s had vomiting and loose stools with terrible gas.I had switched him from kibble to canned and hk because of this. It worked but the all can seem to be too rich by itself so I need some suggestions for kibble that is mid protein and fat and low carbs. Going to do kibble again with canned toppers. Thanks

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    There’s only so low-carb you can go if you’re looking for mid-protein and low-fat. Middle protein will be around 30. That’s Nutrisource, Amicus, Pulsar, Nature’s Logic lamb, Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets, Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Chicken, Merrick Classic, Avoderm Revolving Menu, Simply Nourish grain free, Wellness Small Breed, Wellness Simple grain free, THK Thrive and Embark. The 4 to 4.5 star foods are mid-protein, generally speaking. A few of them are 3.5 because they have some potato or pea protein or other gluten meal boosting the protein content. You can always mix two kibbles up to get a combo that you like.

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