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    Ivan L

    I’m very new on this dog food subject.
    I have three dogs and I’m lost of what is the best way to feed them.
    I have a 10 years old cocker spaniel and 2 shih tzu that are 4 years old.

    Should I use dry food or wet food?
    Should I mix them?
    What food do you recommend taking in consideration one is a senior dog all of them are small breeds?

    Thank you for the advises

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    Hello Ivan, consider nutrition and ingredients. You need to make sure you give your dogs proper nutrition to keep them strong and healthy. The best nutrition comes from the finest ingredients. In our family, we think fresh or dehydrated ingredients are the best because they are not processed. Any processed food will contain ingredients not good for your dog and repeated use over time will effect your dogs health and immune system. Although, processed kibble is so easy to use – it’s not a very good choice for your dogs. Also, any added preservatives or chemicals will have the same effect. I started learning a lot about dog food from this page http://www.dogsfortheearth.com/EarthDog_NEWS.html – if you read their whole website you will begin to think about feeding your dog logically. You’ll realize a lot of food out there was made for convenience (such as canned or kibble). You’ll also learn that our little friends have sensitive internal organs and skin and bodily functions that demand certain amino acids and vitamins and nutrients – just like us. So look for organic food that is dehydrated or frozen. Try to get dog food made from the best ingredients you can afford and not turned into kibble. This way you will be giving you dogs the best chance for long, healthy active lives. We use Dogs For The Earth organic dehydrated dog food and think it’s the best dog food out there.

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    Hi Ivan, what have you been feeding them & do they have any health problems?

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    Ivan L

    I’m using Blue Buffalo to feed all of them. The Cocker have almost only wet canned food. The other two have dry food topped with wet food.
    They like the Blue Buffalo, I just want to rotate the food and try other brands of high quality food.

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    Ivan L

    Why? This topic has been reported for inappropriate content

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    Someone probably accidently hit the report button. Some posters are known for doing that…

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    Hum? You aren’t referring to anyone in particular, are you, Ms. BCnut? If you check out Sallynova’s replies on all threads, you will see that they all have been flagged. Looks like someone is pushing their own line of food. You wouldn’t think that would flag the entire topic though. Me and my touch screen are innocent this time. 😉

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    LOL! C4C, guilty conscience? LOL!! That was too funny! I’ve done that once before too, lol!

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    I think it’s a good idea to rotate food. I try to rotate kibble, but I definitely rotate toppers every meal. I think variety is important. I also think it is very important to add fresher type foods to kibble to boost its nutrition as kibble is the least healthy, but the most convenient and affordable. I add canned to every breakfast. To their evening meals, I add either eggs, sardines, dehydrated, raw or lightly cooked fresh meat. I feed mostly Victor kibble, but you could print the 4 or 5 star list of foods and bring with you to your store to see what they carry and fits your budget. You will probably have to transition slowly if they have eaten the same food for a long time to avoid digestive upset. Also, some plain canned pumpkin or probiotics and digestive enzymes may also help with the transition until they are fully adjusted. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my dogs’ coats since I’ve started the sardines and eggs. Good luck!

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    I second C4C – rotation is great for them, plus it is easy on the budget too! Websites such as http://www.petflow.com , http://www.chewy.com , http://www.wag.com offer awesome sales sometimes and you can stock up on various good 4- and 5-star foods for down to about $1/lb!!! Which is an awesome deal. For Victor, try http://www.sportdogfood.com too.

    As for toppers – yes as well! I also use canned (sometimes), The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated raw I think), plain yoghurt, eggs, coconut oil, and canned sardines. Once a week my Bruno gets a Raw Meaty Bone (RMB) too. The effects of all those additives on skin and coat are tremendous, plus, it helps add variety to their diet and is overall better to their general health. 🙂

    Good luck!

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