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    I am considering the option of feeding/supplementing my dogs with homemade food and I was wondering what all meats/veggies do I need to give them to make sure they get all the right nutrients.

    BTW: I have 4 dogs, a almost 3 year old 21 ib Sheltie female (Rosie, a 1 and 3 month old 20 ib male Sheltie (Mickey), a 4 week old male Sheltie (Shiloh, he is still with his mom.) and a 5 week old Pomeranian male (I won’t have him for 3 more weeks).

    Thanks everyone.

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    I am with you sheltie_pom my shelties do not like dog food at all and I am wanting to know the same thing.. I dont mind making them food but always want to make them food thats nutritionally sound for them

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    Also I have noticed my dogs dont like to eat out of the bowls is that common that they get bowl anxietys ? they will eat some foods directly out of my hand but not out of a bowl

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    Look into a premix. It has the veggies/vitamins in there. Just add your own meat and oil. Some premixes are Urban Wolf, See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mixes, Grandma Lucy’s and The Honest Kitchen.

    For homemade from scratch, you might consider “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” or “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” recipe books.

    Also dogaware.com has a homemade diet section.

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    The fact is that there is nothing better than fresh homemade food. I would like to recommend that you should give him cooked food at least one meal in a day. I think readymade food is good for convenience. Some homemade foods are good like cooked Meat with rice, boiled egg, Streamed fruits and vegetables.

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    I’d agree with Sandy for the premixes. I know most people say that rotating the proteins out is good due to the different amino acids in meats. If you don’t have a premix, then possibly add nutrient-dense veggies with egg, oils, etc. and probably an overall supplement. Most people avoid fruit unless they’re super dense in nutrition, as they add a lot of sugar.
    I don’t know much on home made diets, just what I’ve learned from being on here 😉

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    Carolyn P

    Great homemade diet is Hilary’s Complete and Balanced.

    Have been feeding it to my pack of Chihuahua’s for 3 years now.

    It’s a recipe book and a supplement. Lots of variety including recipes for dogs with health concerns.

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    Cesar M

    Thanks for giving the homemade food methods. its really helping a lot.

    Thank you

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    Robin C

    I noticed my dog not wanting to eat from her bowl and I couldn’t understand until one day I was drinking from one of those “to go coffee mugs” that have a screw on top and I wasn’t able to enjoy my coffee at all, because I kept smelling the dish soap. I got the idea from it that maybe her bowl wasn’t being rinsed well. Problem solved!! Some things need more rinsing than others. I guess. Try it! It just might be an easy fix. Hope it helps.

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    Robin C

    Hi Carolyn
    i am new to this sight and don’t what I do in order to see your recipe for homemade dog food. I also make my own dog food and I would like to see what others are doing

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    Mareo T

    Either it is puppy or any other breed, home made food is best for them. preservatives are seen in ready made foods which is not good for their health. In case of emergency its quite fine , but don’t have a regular habit. So the best option is give fresh cooked food or meal to your four legged companion.

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    Cesar M

    Is this all homemade foods are giving to all breed dogs or not?

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    Balance homemade is good for all breeds of dogs.

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