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    Angela S


    More often than not, my amstaff mix’s poop is difficult to pick up out of the grass because it’s soft and sticks to the grass. She sometimes walks around a little as she’s pooping to get it all out, and when walking around, at that point, it has no form and sticks to the grass. She is not having diarrhea, just softer poop. no other symptoms of illness or anything other concerns health wise. From what i know, her poop should not be hard, but not too soft. I should be able to pick it up from the grass without so much trouble. I feed her whole earth farms turkey and chicken grain free. She poops 2-3 times per day. Anyone else have this issue? If so, did you find a food that helps fix this issue?

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    Kathy B

    What is the fiber percentage of her food. We had the same issue with our OES and once we watched the fiber content and tried to get at least 6% the issue was over. We feed Zignature.

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    Angela S

    Hi Kathy, fiber is 4.5%. i was thinking maybe upping the fiber would help. Did you find your dog pooped more often per day with more fiber? I once fed my dog american journey grain free salmon and sweet potato which has 5%, and she was pooping 3-4 times per day. only reason that concerns me is because i worry she is having to hold it all day while i’m at work. however, in the past, she never had an accident in the house while on that food. i heard more frequent pooping might have been from the chick peas, though. i might look for something higher in fiber without chick peas, though. I will look into this. Thank you!

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    Kathy B

    Our girl is a rescue who didn’t have the best start. She was not let out often so when she came to us at 14 months we had several challenges. One of which was she was almost forcing herself to go poop every time we let her out, therefore runny, poop in the hair… just a hot mess. It took awhile to get her over but one of the people on here recommended Nutri Source which was higher fiber and seemed to help a lot. I like to pooper scoop so I understand where you are coming from. Anyway, she does poop maybe 2-3 times a day but is left alone in the house while we both work without issues. I’m one of those that worries that I am feeding a good quality dog food and heard good things about Zignature which is the only reason I went that route.

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    Angela S

    I’m glad she is doing better and it always makes me happy to hear about rescued dogs! mine is, too. thank you for sharing your experience. I may have to find something with similar ingredients to zignature, because that price is a bit high for me. i’ll look at nutri source, as well. I will be doing more research 🙂 thanks again!

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    Hi Angel,
    What formula’s have you tried? have you tried a dry kibble that is just Lamb meal & Rice?? a kibble with grains she might have been fed a cheaper dry food bought from supermarket or she might have been feed a raw or cooked diet??
    My rescue was the same he had to be put on Metronidazole 21days & a vet diet for 9 months to get his gut healthy again…
    Have you tried adding a probiotic or kefir to her diet??

    Look for a new limited ingredient kibble that is chicken free, there could be 1 or 2 ingredients in the kibble she has been eating that she is sensitive too??…

    “Artemis OSO Pure” is simliar to Zignature, my boy doesnt do well on a heavy Legume diet,
    It’s best to find a pet shop close by & try pet foods from the Pet Shop so they can be taken back if she gets diarrhea or wont eat it, most pet foods have a palability guarantee money back..

    If you live near a Tractor Supply store look at “4Health” formula’s or “4 Health Special Care” Sensitive Stomach formula, the fiber is 3% but it mighten have anything to do with fiber %, it might be an ingredient she is sensitive too….

    4Health UnTamed has simliar ingredients to Zignature & cheaper…

    Keep a diary & start writing down ingredient list & fiber % etc

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