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    Jane J

    I’m having difficulty finding a consistent source of Evo dry dog food. I’ve been ordering from Chewy’s, but when I went to adjust my order today the site says the product is no longer available.

    I am looking for a dry dog food that is VERY LOW in carbs & reliably available.

    I’ve just started researching & have found the Wysong brand that seems suitable. I’d be interested in other’s experience w/that brand, and suggestions for other lines to look into for a low carb kibble.

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    Jane J

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the Evo line anyway? Is Mars Pet shutting it down? I know they discontinued some of the flavors last year, & shut down Innova.

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    Michael C

    Evo Turkey and Chicken was still available last week at my local dog food store, so maybe Chewy’s just stopped carrying it? But I do try to rotate between low-carb foods, and, along with Evo, I have used Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Canidae Pure (Sea and Elements), Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural and Blue Wilderness in my rotation.

    As far as what is going on at Natura Pet Foods, now that it is owned by Mars, I’m purely guessing that they are trying to cut some costs. Innova might not have been that much different than California Naturals so why have both brands, and I was told by my dog food store that they stopped making both an Evo Turkey and Chicken large bites and small bites and now just have the small bites (But Natura’s website still shows both sizes, so????). But, again, I am just guessing.

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    Hi Everyone posting-

    Mars/Natura Pet has pulled all of the current products still on the market from all online retailers in an attempt to make a comeback in the independant retailers. Many independant retailers (my work included) are bringing EVO and California Natural back because of the lack of competition with online retailers now. Check their store locator periodically, I guarentee more retailers will be popping up in your area in an attempt to corner the market.

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    Jane J

    Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately none of them are as low carb as Evo, tho’ a couple are close.

    Evo 16% calorie rated carbs
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness 33%
    Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural 22%
    Canidae Pure 30%
    Nature’s Variety Instinct 25%
    Solid Gold Barking at the Moon 19%

    The best of the bunch, Solid Gold, unfortunately uses pea protein for one of its major protein sources, a low bioavailable source, so that rules it out for me. And 30-35% carb is pretty much an average for the better quality foods, so nothing exceptional there.

    Whereas the Wysong Epigen is 7% carb, even better than Evo if significantly more expensive.

    I will certainly keep checking the Evo location finder. Doing so yesterday I found a store in a not-too-far away town that I wasn’t aware of carrying it, so I will certainly check with them. However, the same locator also lists a store that has discontinued carrying it because they have had supply issues. For the time being, Chewy is selling down their stock. When I called yesterday to find out what was going on, they had 300 bags & were only selling them to the current subscribers, of which I am one.

    The reason for my persnickety-ness is that one of my dogs has a recurring sarcoma, & cancers LOVE carbs. So we’re trying to tilt several things in the dog’s favor.

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    Susan W

    Have you looked into VeRus? They have several different formulas/flavors depending on your needs. I don’t know what their carb ratio is but they have a contact page on their website where you can ask questions and get an actual human-generated emailed response. They also send samples – good-sized samples.

    Family & Veteran Owned Pet Food Since 1993

    I did this when I was looking for an alternative to the food I’d been buying. They (VeRus) asked questions about my dogs and sent some really good samples. My dogs and I are very happy with this food.

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    Jane J

    I will look into it, thanks.

    Edited to add:

    It doesn’t look suitable. From this website:
    “Near-average protein. Below-average fat. And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.”

    The page is here…

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    Dolly M

    They are only going to sell in in stores from now on, no online sales. I have been getting it from Chewy.com also and after I couldn’t get it I contacted MARs and that’s what they said.

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