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Margaret F

I ordered and recently received the Nutra Thrive supplement for cats. I was extremely disappointed in what minuscule amount of product was in the jar; an approx. three inch depth contained little more than one-half inch of product. The next disappointment was realized when I noted the date of manufacture was over one year ago (400 days!), even though their website says that due to high demand it may take 5-7 business days to receive order. If it were in such high demand the date of manufacture should be from last month at the earliest. I did call their customer service number and after being on hold for 24+ minutes, was again disappointed with my experience. Rep claimed that the product is good for two years before losing effectiveness. Bull caca! I will not waste anymore time on this order and will instead refute the charge. If they want their minuscule product back they can come and pick it up.