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    Ruth K

    I have seen a video advertisement for Nutra Thrive. It is a supplement to help health of dogs with allergies, inflammation and other vitamin deficiency symptoms. I am interested in finding out if it is legitimate or scam. Please let me know what you have discovered about this product. Thank you.

    The website is: https://ultimatepetnutrition.com/product/nutra-thrive/

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    Hi Ruth! I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I came across your post and wanted to let you know that I work in the Customer Service Department of Ultimate Pet Nutrition! We are a 100% legitimate company whose sole purpose is to improve the health and happiness of your pets (specifically dogs & cats)! You can e-mail me at any time if you ever have any questions or concerns! My e-mail address is Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com. I look forward to speaking with you!

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    Pat P

    I saw the same video and went to check them out. They had too many complaints with the Better Business Bureau for my liking! I’d beware.

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    Kelly J

    I saw the video too a few months ago, and I tried it for my 13 year old Malamute mix who has the typical problem of old age, stiff, arthritis, low energy. I have to back this product. The taste must be outstanding for dogs because ‘Lefty’ loves it. With his age, we feed canned food and I sprinkle the supplement on the food, add some warm water and mix. I SWEAR he is more spunky. I don’t know how long the supplement takes to work but it DOES work, for my dog. The ONLY negatives are: the price, it is high but when I see new life in an old dog, I get over it. I don’t care for the little jars that are only filled half way. I would rather have a bigger jar filled with 3 months worth or NO jar at all, I don’t recycle the jars so I feel bad every time I toss them into the trash. Maybe have a return program for the plastic jars, postage free. Other than that, I swear by the stuff and my advise is to just give it a try. Can’t hurt.

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    Kelly J

    I wonder what the complaints to the BBB were. I have ordered from them a few times so far, no hassle ordering, fast shipping(a few days…..I live in rural area). I can only speak for me and my dogs, though I mostly have it for my senior dog, I also give my young pitbull some…..I swear she is SUPER SHINY. Shes a chocolate black Pit.

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    Ruth K

    Grateful for feedback. It helps me determine the best way forward for my dog. I will check out Better Business Bureau and continue my research.

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    Hi everyone! I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I wanted to clear up some confusion… Ultimate Pet Nutrition currently does NOT have a Better Business Bureau profile. I believe you have mistaken our product, Nutra Thrive, with the BBB profile for Thrive Nutra, Inc. Thrive Nutra, Inc is in no way affiliated with Ultimate Pet Nutrition… Rather, they sell vitamins and supplements for humans. The website on that profile takes you to thrivenutra.com which is not our website. Our website is ultimatepetnutrition.com. I hope this clears up any confusion! Please feel free to reach out to me directly at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you have any other questions or concerns.

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    I too saw the video. My Dog had 2 severe pancreatic attacks. She is now on Science diet lowfat prescription food and has been doing well for years. Will this supplement be beneficial for her? She is a 11 year old Shizu-poodle mix.

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    Hi Kathleen, Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition here. It sounds like your dog might benefit from Nutra Thrive! As always, we do suggest that our customer’s consult their dog’s primary veterinarian prior to beginning any new supplement to ensure that it is right for them. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you have any other questions. Thank you!

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    . .

    I had been feeding my three dogs Hill’s Science Diet Canine “i/d” dry, and then mix of dry and canned (also i/d)…I have been feeding my animals (cats & dogs) only Hill’s Science Diet (i/d, m/d). No table scraps no snack…very strict and consistent diet.

    I don’t believe in giving my animals food items that are not meant for good health. Yet, all have developed diabetes, and/or cancer, and/or kidney disease and/or urinary dysfunction at much earlier ages than what would be expected. So here’s what…I no longer trust Hill’s Science diet — particularly the dry food.

    I first eliminated the dry for my cat, out of desperation after months of heavy, I mean HEAVY, urination — replacing the cat litter every 48 hours because of major urination, complete litter saturation. One evening I only served the wet food, and to my hope, prayers, and pleasant surprise…starting the VERY NEXT DAY, the heavy urination STOPPED!

    That was about 2 months ago, and he’s been fine ever since. He still has diabetes, though (4 units insulin/day). For now. But I am working on changing his diet further — getting as far away from any Hill’s Science Diet as possible, or any conventional pet food. Wet or dry.

    Same with my dogs, I now have them completely off Hill’s. I switched to Just Food for Dogs (formerly known as True Food for Dogs). It’s too late for one of my dogs whom I just had down about 3 weeks ago — cancer. But I have my two others and they are doing well. But…

    One of my dogs, having sever symptoms of kidney disease, urinary dysfunction (constant thirst lots of urination), and an insatiable appetite…all seemed like signs of diabetes and/or kidney disease — but, his blood work indicated all was fine. So what could it be? Well, it turns out his calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and of course his electrolytes, and many other things in his blood work results reported dangerously low. “The lowest I’ve ever seen in my career,” stated our 17 year veteran of veterinary medicine stated.” (Oh, BTW my dog had lost a lot of weight over a short period of time, where I could see his ribs and hip bones very prominently.

    Then vet concluded from the above indications that it must to be Diabetes Insipidus, “a condition that results from insufficient production of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH), a hormone that helps the kidneys and body conserve the correct amount of water. Normally, the antidiuretic hormone controls the kidneys’ output of urine.” But we needed further examination to confirm.

    So we got on schedule to take my dog in to get an ultrasound procedure ($350-$500). It was a couple of weeks away before I could afford the additional cost for confirming or knowing the true problem. If the ultrasound did not reveal anything…a CT scan would be required to check for brain tumor. (I know. Very serious.)

    Meanwhile, I went to Just Food for Dogs (JFFD) and had several long talks with them as I’m a very inquisitive and discerning consumer. Once I was satisfied with their answers about the product, how it works and why, I picked up my first batch of the fresh ready-made food as well as the supplement powder and the recipe so I that could start making the food myself at home — and save money.

    Just under two weeks later, I asked the vet to take another blood panel — just like the previous one to compare if he was getting worse or improving. When she received the results, our vet called me and stated, “It’s like a miracle, all his levels are up to very healthy normal indicators…what did you do?” I told her we’d changed our dogs’ diet to the JFFD, and she said, “Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t change a thing!” (BTW, he’s filling out, I look forward to weighing him again in a couple of weeks.)

    Do you like to cook? I do. (I’m a bit of a foodie.) If you are a person who appreciates quality ingredients (Did I mention, this simple and particular recipe for my dogs’ age, calls for fresh ground lamb, cauliflower, carrots, blueberries, brown rice, yum! Of course, adding the powdered supplements to make my dogs’ meals whole and complete)…if you care about your animal’s comfort and well being, I highly recommend you consider making your dog’s food yourself with the proper, professional, guidance, and supplemental ingredients (powder).

    I’m also going to look further into Nutra Thrive as a possible additional supplement. It looks very interesting. But I plan to be careful to not overdo. Will seek the proper guidance.

    In summary, I am getting as far away from Hill’s as I can, and will be switching to the Feline version from JFFD very soon, hoping I can get my sweet little cat (actually, he’s a big tabby with the heart of a kitten) on the healthier food source, too.

    One thought I’d also like to share: Just one thing I don’t agree with from the video and the veterinarian who created Nutra Thrive… I think his statement was in the effort to be encouraging, make it sound easy — to simply NOT change from whatever junky food (be it grocery store, pet store, or vet office source) dog owners are currently feeding their animals. I just DON’T agree with that at all. Why? It pretty common sense to me.

    Just by what the vet in the video says regarding how pet foods are processed (super high temperatures, no nutrients left, for example), and just by my reading the ingredients, and how the vet in the video states conventional food makes dogs look, feel, act, or eliminate poorly are but a few key reasons for me to stay clear of anything I feed my pets that I don’t have control over — hence, cooking it myself, with proper ingredients and guidance.

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    David C

    I do not recommend Nutra Thrive. All around negative experience. My boxer became ill shortly after starting the NutraThrive supplements. He began violently hacking as though something was stuck in his throat. After discontinuing NutraThrive, his problems went away about 7 days later.

    I notified NutraThrive of his problems and requested to return the 3-month supply. While I waited for response, the company without my approval sent another 3-month supply and billed my credit card. We’re now in a dispute and they’re not honoring their return policy despite my having returned all cans of the product.

    Note: The company has refunded 3 cans, but is refusing to reimburse me the additional $132.98 for the 3 cans they delivered without consent. Those 3 cans were also returned. Their tactics are immoral and predatory. I deeply regret having tried this product.

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    Hi David, I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I was really upset while reading your review so I wanted to reach out to hopefully resolve this issue. First, I’m so sorry to hear that your pup had this experience while trying Nutra Thrive. This is not a standard reaction to Nutra Thrive, so I would like to get more information from you so I can forward this to our Adverse Reactions Team. I did also want to mention that we always suggest that our customers consult their pet’s veterinarian prior to starting any new supplement to ensure that it’s right for them. Secondly, I want to make sure that you are fully refunded for the three jars that you did not wish to receive. Please e-mail me directly at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com and I’ll personally make sure that you are fully refunded. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right.

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    Cathryn B

    Is it possible to get this in the UK?

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    Hi Cathryn, I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Yes, you can get Nutra Thrive in the United Kingdom! Just choose “United Kingdom” in the drop down menu when checking out. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you have any other questions.

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    Cathryn B

    Thank you for your reply.

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    Judy S

    We have been giving our dog nutri thrive for the last three months. She is a 12 year old lab mix and was barely getting around and showing a lot of graying in the muzzle area. I won’t say it’s a miracle but her energy levels are up, at times almost puppy like again. Her coat is lush and it seems that she is less grey in the muzzle area. I will be ordering again. We had simply hoped to make her last months more comfortable but I think it is giving her so much more.

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    I would agree with a post from David. My friend yesterday gave that supplement (nutra Thrive) to her beautiful baby for the first time. In the morning doggie vomited, had diarrhea. And all day (today is Sunday) the dog is not doing well: lethargic, not responsive, not eating or drinking.
    Unfortunately only tomorrow at 7 am the dogs ER will be open.
    Dog is not even 2 yo.
    I think there should be some warning for the product: some dogs do not do well.

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    Hi Tt G, I’m Shane from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s pup’s experience. I would like to get more information from them so we can report this to our Adverse Reactions Team. This is not a common reaction of Nutra Thrive, so we take reactions like these very seriously. Can you please have your friend contact me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com with specific details? I’d also like to issue them a full refund. As you mentioned, as with all supplements, some work well for certain dogs and not for others which is why we offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. I look forward to hearing from your friend and getting to the bottom of this.

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    Colleen T

    My experience: We bought this for 3 older dogs, small chihuahuas, 12lbs or under, 2 aged 12 yrs, 1 aged 13 yrs. My husband saw the video and wanted to try it even though it’s hugely expensive. Within a week, one started having dry coughing/hacking, like something was in her throat, another started throwing up clear liquid. We took them off it in the 3rd week when I realized that the symptoms started after we started giving them Nutra Thrive. The 3rd one, who is 13, had no adverse symptoms, and in fact after a month started running and jumping more, and seems like he feels better.

    So 2 could not tolerate it, and 1 has improved his activity level. At $50 a month, I’m not sure that we can really afford it long term.

    Has anyone seen a similar item?

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    Hi Colleen, Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition here! Thank you for the recap of your pup’s experiences with Nutra Thrive. I’m really sorry to hear about your two dog’s experience. This is not a common reaction to Nutra Thrive so I’d like to get more details from you so I can report this to our Adverse Reactions Team. I am happy to hear that one of your dogs is experiencing benefits from Nutra Thrive, though. As with all products we do understand that they may work well for some and not for others. I can absolutely issue you a full refund for the products that did not sit well with your dogs. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com so I can begin the refund process right away. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right!

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    Kathie C

    Is there a complete ingredient list available? My dog is epileptic and there are certain fillers that he should not have as they work as triggers. Thank you.

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    Hi Kathie! Shayne here. We do have a full list of ingredients of Nutra Thrive on our website. Just click on this link, https://ultimatepetnutrition.com/product/nutra-thrive-dog/ then scroll down a bit and click on “What is the Complete Ingredient List?” link. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you have any other questions.

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    Clayton R

    Hey people what do you think of “Shane from Nutri Thrive’s” obvious”save face” reply to the complaint the woman had about not being refunded for the 3 jars and having her card charged w/o authorization. I can sympathize with her on that. I’ve had a similar experience with a different company. That’s infuriating! It’s sad that so many businesses are that unscrupulous. Based solely on her experience with Nutra Thrive I would never purchase. No matter what the quality.

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    Brittany C

    https://ultimatedoghealth.com/help_improve_your_dogs_health190621A_m.php?n=tba this is the imposter I believe. Shane you should do something. The logo is even different than ya’lls main website

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    Hi Brittany, thank you so much for your concern but this is our website! This website is the home of our informational video presentation. So this is fine! Thank you so much though. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you find anything or have any questions!

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    Dene C

    I have been doing some research on this product one thing I found was “[A] vet noted that glutathione will pass through your dog’s body with little effect on your dog’s health. Folic acid could help your dog but you’d need to have your vet check your dog’s folic acid levels before taking Nutra Thrive, another vet pointed out.”
    Can’t recall source site, sorry.
    Overall most reviews were positive. I may give it a try.
    (Pretty sure Shayne will weigh in🙂)

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    I just want to thank everyone who is contributing for making all this information available, and Shane for his help as well. I’ve always fed my dogs Science Diet, but after discovering the health benefits of a low carb, natural diet for myself, I’d like to be able to provide the same for my dogs. But the recent association of grain-free diets and DCM in dogs has me afraid of risking trying something new. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-fdas-grain-free-diet-alert/ I’m just starting this journey, but I’m grateful y’all are here to help!

    P.S. another link https://www.onlynaturalpet.com/holistic-healthcare-library/food-diet—general/255/taurine-dog-food-and-heart-disease-in-dogs.aspx

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    Jill M

    I am really concerned about this product. I have a 15 year old terrier mix. He is slowing down and has arthritis issues. I started him on this supplement 6 days ago. Everyday he has been vomiting and gagging around 3-4 hours after eating since I started him on this. I feed him twice a day. There was no instructions to splitting the dose. At first I gave all in the morning. Then I split it, half morning and half evening. He is under 30 pds so just half scoop twice a day. Is this a normal thing for his system to get use to?

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    $188.97 USD ??? Where are the ingredients?
    Please take the dog to a vet asap and find out what is wrong with him.

    http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2018/05/whos-behind-the-the-truth-about-pet-cancer/ excerpt below,
    scan through the article to find more info on this doctor and many others that push these alternative treatments.
    Gary Richter
    Dr. Richter is yet another integrative veterinarian, mixing science-based medicine with untested or quack therapies freely and claiming to be selecting the best of both. I’ve discussed elsewhere why this is a successful marketing approach but not actually a sound way to determine which treatments work and which don’t. Dr. Richter’s approach treats his personal anecdotal experience and controlled scientific research as equivalent, thus missing the entire point of science. As he says in advertising his book, “Each treatment recommended in this book has the backing of scientific research OR years of successful outcomes his clinical practice.” [emphasis added]
    Dr. Richter includes acupuncture, chiropractic, stem cell therapy, PEMF, herbs, and unconventional nutrition among his list of alternative practices. He’s also a prominent advocate for cannabis in pets. Despite being less opposed to conventional medicine than many alternative practitioners, he seems perfectly comfortable making confident claims about the safety and efficacy of untested therapies based only on opinion and anecdote, which is the fundamental difference between science-based medicine and faith-based alternative medicine.

    PS: If you can find the ingredients you may want to call a Pet Poison Control number to be on the safe side.
    Or call the nearest emergency vet in your area and see what they advise.

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    Scroll down to find the ingredients and note the disclaimer at the end.

    “However, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning any new supplement”.

    Let us know what the emergency vet says, it may help another dog from becoming sick.

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    https://nutrathrivedogs.com/ excerpt below
    “Dr. Gary Richter developed Nutra Thrive with one goal in mind — to give your pet everything it needs to live a long, healthy life”.

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    Hi Jill, Shayne here! Thank you for e-mailing me directly, I wanted to confirm that I responded to your e-mail. Please let me know if you did not receive it. This is not a typical reaction to Nutra Thrive, so I’d like to make sure that you consulted your dog’s primary physician. You can show your Vet our full list of ingredients (Found on our website) and they can determine if Nutra Thrive is the best option for your dog. I also wanted to mention that because Nutra Thrive contains probiotics, it is possible for dogs to experience die-off symptoms. Die-off symptoms occur when the bad bacteria inside of the body is killed off. The bacteria releases toxins which makes the body work harder to release those toxins. And as with all supplements, we do understand that it may work well for some and not for others. You have my e-mail address, so let me know if you’d like me to issue you a full refund. I’ll keep a look out for your correspondence!

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    This product caused a serious adverse reaction in my dog, the company continues to charge my account on a recurring fee.

    I tried Nutra Thrive a month ago after reading all of the great reviews and watching a compelling video. Just like anybody who would use this product, my dog’s health is a very high priority. And that’s exactly what this company preys on. People like me who would pay just about anything for my dog’s well-being are complete suckers for this product. It’s a waste of money (there are others that are a fraction of the price) and it’s dangerous. I have the vet bill to prove it.

    The first day I added it to his food, I let my dog smell it before I sprinkled it into the bowl. He turned away immediately. It smelled like grass actually. It turned the food a dark green color when mixed in, as well, but I wasn’t concerned about that. My dog was a bit resistant to eat at first, but he acclimated.

    After about a week on the product, my dog began scratching persistently, rubbing on furniture, and shaking his head. I didn’t suspect the Nutra Thrive at first, and gave my dog a bath. The bath did not relieve the itching. After three days, the symptoms were so severe, he wasn’t eating or sleeping. I took him to my veterinarian on an emergency visit, and I brought the Nutra Thrive with me, because nothing in the environment or his food was changed, except for the Nutra Thrive. When I showed it to my veterinarian, he told me to immediately discontinue use, and my dog was having a severe allergic reaction. Nutra Thrive isn’t based on science, rather it’s based on Dr. Richter’s personal experience.

    He treated my dog with allergy shots and prescribed an ointment for his infected ear. After a few days off Nutra Thrive, he returned to normal, and his ear was healed up in about a week. Luckily, my dog is ok now. Although I have two unopened jars at home, I put this all behind me and moved on, until today.

    Today, I received an email, confirming that ANOTHER order (that I DID NOT ORDER) has been shipped. According to USPS, the shipment had not yet been received by USPS when I checked the tracking number., though.

    First, I didn’t / wouldn’t order this product again, and I wouldn’t need any, even if I did want to re-order. My dog is 30 pounds. Three jars is a three month supply. So if I were to reorder, I wouldn’t have needed another shipment until September. When I contacted customer service and told them I didn’t order this and my account should not have been charged, they hung up on me – TWICE.

    When I called the third time, a gentleman told me that he’d have to send a return authorization form and I’ll have to mail the product when I receive it – even though USPS hadn’t even picked it up from their warehouse yet. I pointed out that USPS shows that it hasn’t even been scanned yet, so it must still be at their facility. He said he’d try a pre-ship cancellation, but didn’t think it would work. (What???)

    I explained that I was unhappy with the product, and that it caused a severe reaction in my dog. He said he’s received training on Adverse Event Reporting, but had never heard of any reactions like this. He didn’t take an Adverse Event Report for this event.

    I work with the US FDA on a daily basis, and I’m well versed in adverse event reporting requirements. I was surprised that the gentleman who took my call chose not to complete the AER. If your dog or cat experiences any kind of reaction after starting this supplement, you should discontinue use immediately. Adverse reactions to food and food supplements should be reported to the manufacturer AND to the US FDA. If your pet has experienced issues with this supplement, please submit a complaint on the FDA website in the Pet Food Safety Reporting Portal. https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/report-problem/how-report-pet-food-complaint

    The customer service representative also told me that I was (unknowingly) subscribed to receive monthly shipments. I never saw anything indicating I would be receiving monthly shipments, or I wouldn’t have ordered it. My bank told me about this type of scam in the past. They see this all the time. Companies will put in the fine print that you’re subscribing to something and you end up with monthly charges on your account.

    I only live at the address they’re shipping to part-time. I won’t even be here when it does arrive, so they’ll leave it at the door where it’ll sit for around 10 days, unless it’s stolen first.

    My Advice:
    1. I do not recommend this product. Please consult your vet and discuss the ingredients before you try this product.
    2. If your pet has experienced any type of adverse reaction, please submit a report to the US FDA Pet Food Safety Reporting Portal.
    3. If you order anything from this company, be sure to read the fine print. They will charge you monthly. Be prepared to deal with rude customer service representatives, and uncooperative people. The gentleman I spoke with was very polite and professional, although he failed to take an Adverse Event Report, and did not inform me of the 90 Day guarantee.

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    Jill, how is your dog? My terrier mix had an adverse reaction too, and had to be treated at the emergency vet. They told me to take him off the supplement. His symptoms cleared up a few days after he was off of it.

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    Dene C

    I ordered the supplement but now I’m afraid to even try it. I am in a leg cast and cannot drive my dog to the vet if something goes wrong. Have other peoples vets cited specific ingredients as unhealthy?
    I will be in the cast for another five weeks. If I do decide to try this, it will probably be too late to return it if it doesn’t work. all these stories of averse reactions makes me hesitate.

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    Laura M

    My dogs both (cavaliers 5 and 14 years old) had negative effects with this product. After a very expensive and scary trip to the vet we have been advised to discontinue this. The coughing and vomiting is a frightening thing to watch in a senior dog. I called customer service and was also hung up on when I asked to cancel future shipments and return the unused product. (2 full jars one almost full jar!)
    Shayne I will be emailing you directly for resolution to this problem.

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    Hi everyone, I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I wanted to confirm that Christopher F. and I have communicated and resolved the issue by 1. Issuing a full refund of all orders and 2. Cancelling the optional Monthly Subscription Service. I have also personally submitted an Adverse Reactions Form to our Adverse Reactions Team so they are aware of the allergic reaction his pup experienced. In addition, one of our Customer Service Specialists reached out to Lura M. to resolve her issues as well. Laura, please let me know if you have any outstanding issues and I can assist you further. Our mission at Ultimate Pet Nutrition is to improve the health and happiness of pets everywhere, while providing top notch Customer Service. We work diligently to improve our processes and products, and we couldn’t do this without the valuable feedback of our customers. So I’m very grateful for all of your thorough feedback and I’m glad that we were able to resolve the issue. I also wanted to mention that we always suggest that our customers consult their pet’s primary Veterinarian prior to beginning any new supplement to ensure that it will be the right addition to their pet’s daily routine based on their health history. Just like a supplement for humans, we do understand that Nutra Thrive may work well for some and not for others. Please reach out to me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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    rhonda b

    My husband watched a video on Nutri-thrive powder supplement which ultimately he ordered. The rep was very nice, and no complaints on that end. However, our furbaby had a severe reaction. I see the positive stories and happy for those it had helped. However, the first week our little girl started coughing, and scratching. The 2nd week I noticed her skin was turning red, and she began to scratch more. I dismissed it as playing outside and hoped the powder would provide relief. However it only got worse. I gave her medication to relieve her scratching. We continued the powder only doing a partial because of concerns. From there it got worse she began scratching all night violently and rubbing against furniture. She scratches so much she had bald spots, scabs around her neck and on her back.
    Immediately stopped the new ingredients. This is the only thing that has changed in her diet.
    I would advise to be very careful. I feel horrible to have put her through this and if I can post photos I will attempt to do so.
    Unfortunately, it only creates harm for my baby. If you do use it and your dog starts violently scratching, stop immediately. Don’t make the same mistake I did “ waiting most a month to see it work” which is what they suggest.

    Like any other animal lover, I wanted desperately for this to be a positive outcome. It was not

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    JL L

    I’m glad I read as many comments and posts on this and other websites before almost purchasing this product.
    it’s amazing how we can be lulled into fake reality by money hungry companies and people. I would do anything to help my pets. I do realize the food itself is the culprit behind most of their issues. It’s disgusting that any person would use our emotions to line their pockets while putting our pets in great harm. I won’t be buying from this company ever and will share with every pet person I can. Companies who scam need to be held accountable before they ever harm a pet or bilk a “customer”.

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    Hi Rhonda, Shayne here from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. It sounds like your pup might have had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in Nutra Thrive. This is not a common reaction, so I’d like to get more information from you in order to fill out an Adverse Reactions Form. Can you e-mail me at Shayne@UltimatePetNutrition.com? I’d also like to mention that we always recommend that our customers consult their dog’s primary veterinarian prior to starting any new supplement to ensure that it’s right for them based on their health history. I can also issue you a full refund! Please contact me at the e-mail above and I can begin that process right away. Thank you for giving Nutra Thrive a try.

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    Hi JL L, I’m Shayne. I was really upset while reading your review. Ultimate Pet Nutrition is a fairly new company, but our sole mission is to improve the health and happiness of pets everywhere. We would never create a product that we didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. And with all supplements, we do understand that they may work well for some and not for others, but there are hundreds of customers who have seen marked improvements in their pet’s health since starting Nutra Thrive. I’d like to answer any questions you might have. You can e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you ever have any further questions or concerns. Thank you.

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    Uhhhh . . . where does it purportedly claim to treat “allergies” and “inflammation”?

    Ruth K’s original post (from several month ago) states this supplement is marketed for allergies, but I see nothing about that on the website. That’s actually a good thing (read below).

    Without getting into discussion of efficacy & value of this supplement . . . this product contains multiple food proteins including 1 of the top 2 most common food allergens: beef. This product would not be appropriate for dogs with food allergies and could cause an allergic reaction. Just FYI.

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    cindi S

    I believe Nutra Thrive is a scam. I ordered a 3 month supply and received it. Before my dog finished the first month supply another 3 month supply was billed and shipped to me. I called Ultimate Pet Nutrition and they told me another 3 month supply was autoshipped because I didn’t specify to ship every 3 months. Really, shouldn’t they know a 3 month supply means it lasts for 3 months and to ship 3 months out? There is no customer login so you are unable to manage orders. You must call or email them for everything. I asked them to cancel the auto 3 month order and of course I got a speech about how I could never purchase it for this price again. Mind you I spent $90+ for a 3 month supply so it wasn’t the deal of the day. I asked them if I could return the second shipment and they said I would have to do it at my expense. They wanted me to pay for something that was force billed and shipped to me. I still have the second three month shipment at home and want to return it at their expense. I never did receive a cancellation notice from them and had to contact them again today to ensure the order had been cancelled. I took screen shots of the online conversation as I don’t trust them. It ridiculous they set a 3 month order up to ship every month and then tell you it’s your fault for not opting out and they don’t provide a way for you to manage your account. I just want to return the product at their expense.

    #144845 Report Abuse

    Hi Cindi, I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Our Monthly Subscription Service is totally optional and can be cancelled at any time. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of receiving another 3-month order before their original 3-month order is completed, because of the size of their dog or due to the fact that the customer might have more than one dog. In addition, our Refund policy is stated in our Terms & Conditions found on our website which states that customers are responsible for any return shipping charges. I’m so sorry for the confusion. I would like to personally issue you a full refund, without you having to send anything back as an apology for the miscommunication. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com and I can begin the refund process right away. Thank you for bringing all of this to my attention and I look forward to making this right by you.

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    Melanie E

    Nutra Thrive has been great for my Cairn Terriers. I also purchased the doctors book and using the kidney recipe and had fabulous results as well. My other two on Nutra Thrive are doing great, especially Bella. In Florida where Bella was born she had autoimmune issues and never really a happy dog. She acted like Eeyore on Winne the Pooh, but now Nutra Thrive has completely brought her to life. I did at the same time of starting Nutra Thrive about 7 mths ago take her off of dry dog food and start Pet Fresh but with her SHINY HAIR that was dry and brittle, energy level (she is 9 and never made it up a set of stair she went up this past weekends at a relatives, I always had to help) and just overall feeling well (before she was always under the bed, not happy) I have to contribute to the Nutra Thrive. I’ve never had one of my three dogs get sick from it and hate it for those who had a bad reaction. For Memoral Day I did receive a buy one get one free offer I took advantage of and have had no issues with billings or customer service. I am very happy I found this doctor and his book for making the kidney recipe, my Carly was dying from what the vet was doing to treat her kidneys with the renial food.

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    Penny M

    I have had the same experience as Dave. I bought the 4 canister supply of Nutra Thrive for my two Bernese Mountain dogs and fed them faithfully as directed. I lost my other beautiful Bernese 8 months earlier to cancer and wanted to do everything possible to prolong my remaining dogs’ health. After 2 1/2 weeks, both dogs are hacking. I took them both to the vet and one of my dogs is showing liver and kidney problems (the other one didn’t get blood work). I have asked for the actual blood results so that I can post them, and granted, this could have been pre-existing without me knowing, but for both of my dogs to begin this coughing and acting like they want to throw up (but don’t) is weird. I had blood work on my younger Bernese a few months ago, so I have requested to have him get another blood panel to compare if his liver/kidney function has changed so we can make a correlation with my older Bernese. Granted to say, I’ve taken them off the Nutra Thrive to see if the conditions change. I have also not been able to find the video that I first watched that explained the product, which sold me to try the product. I wanted to send it to my veterinarian. Can anyone help me with finding it?

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    Gail K S

    My 13 yr old.mini schnauzer was slowing down considerably. After 3 weeks on Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive, Pet Lab joint supplement, turmeric, milk thistle, he’s acting years younger. Haven’t heard of the reviews until this.
    A little concerned, but he responded so well and quickly that i’ll continue until he displays negative symptoms

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    Kat J

    Hi Penny, I’m Shayne from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I am really sorry to hear about the recent situations your dogs have gone through. These are not common reactions to Nutra Thrive so I’m glad to hear that you have already consulted your dog’s primary veterinarian. I can issue you a full refund right away, and fill out an Adverse Reactions Form. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com so I can begin these processes right away and hear any updates that you would like to share with me. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right.

    Gail, I’m thrilled to hear that you are already seeing an improvement in your dog’s overall health since adding Nutra Thrive to your mini schnauzer’s daily regimen. Please e-mail me at Shayne@ultimatepetnutrition.com if you have any future questions!

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    Dene C

    I have lost track of how many times Shayne is sorry to hear about an unusual case of adverse reactions. I have ordered this and it’s been sitting on the counter. I am afraid to try it.

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    Gregory B

    I noticed a Nutra Thrive/ Ultimate Pet Nutrition employee has posted here a couple of times stating they recommend checking with vet prior to using product. I cannot find that recommendation on the website.
    My wife bought 3 containers and we have used it almost up.
    I cannot tell any difference in my lab’s health or energy levels.
    Today I took my lab for her annual vaccination/checkup, and asked the vet about Nutra Thrive.
    She said she would not give any pet a product in which a company recommends seeing a vet prior to using.

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