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Karin K

I’ve been using Nutra Thrive since January for my 5 cats and 3 dogs. It is somewhat challenging to administer it on the dry cat kibble, and I’m pretty sure none of my cats get the recommended amount since I just sprinkle some of it on to the food set out for them. I also notice that some of it just ends up as a greenish mess on the bottom of the bowl that I am unsure about trying to re-feed. However, I do notice that 4 of my cats have a shinier, smoother coat. Otherwise, I have not noticed much of a difference, but the improved coat is a good sign. Two of my three dogs’ coat has improved, though these two also started hacking – in reading others’ reviews that seems to be more common , and I would love to see some explanation for that. What I don’t like about this product is the outrageous price – I take enough supplements myself to doubt the cost justifies the product. It will definitely lead me to discontinue use and find something less costly, especially in a financially challenging time. And my reason to dislike this company is the inefficiency of the website: without consumer login there’s no way to manage one’s orders. So when I cancelled one of my orders (to place a subscription instead) I did so by contacting customer service on the site, as well as contacting them by phone. Now I’m being told that their records do not indicate my cancelling this order! What a scam! Again, I don’t know that all this hassle justifies the product – I will definitely start my search for something else. Years ago I feed my dogs supplements discussed in Dr Pitcairn’s book on natural health for pet – it might be time to go back to that.