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Chao L

This is the first time I write a review for a product that we can’t find much info online. At least we don’t know which comment online is real. But this is real!! As soon as I put the powder one scoop for each cat (as recommended on the bottle), they Smelled the food and walked away. My cats are not picky on food at all. I tried both on wet food and dry food. They wouldn’t eat the food. For wet food I chose feline natural and ziwipeak, dry food Fromm. My cat breed is one 3yr old rag doll, one 3yr old ragamuffin and one 1yr old domestic from shelter in case you are wondering. All three cats from different breeds wouldn’t eat the food after I mixed the powder in. What are the odds! The only one time that they ate a portion of the food with the powder is after I turned the AC to a colder temperature than usual for a day (sometimes pets are not that hungry in warmer conditions). They went to the wet food and started eating. But they only ate a portion of it, didn’t finish the meal that they normally would without the powder. As soon as they are done they went straight for the water! 3 of them. They don’t do that usually after eating the wet food. I even tasted myself the powder is very salty/umami flavored (just like MSG). This is completely unnatural for a pet supplement to be that flavorful. Highly doubt what’s inside that chicken stock flavor. Unless someone test it out in a research paper saying it’s safe for pets I’m not giving it to my cats any more. I know this is a review place for dog Nutra Thrive and I don’t know if the umami/salt flavor is any different than the cat Nutra Thrive powder but thought would be better to bring up the issues or concerns that I have so far. I read a lot of comments above saying their dogs energy level went up after eating this product but that also aligned with my suspicion, which the salt level is very high. Every animal will get hyped once they consume too much salt. Just like the effects of caffeine.
No I wouldn’t recommend this powder at least cat version to anyone.