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Todd H

I have never…repeat NEVER written a review on any product. However, I felt compelled to do so after reading so many negative and/or controversial reviews regarding Nutri Thrive both on this site as well as Reddit.

I have 3 girls, 9,7 and 5. The 9 year old is a 45 lb. mix shepherd and some various other breeds. My 7 year old is what I believe to be a 55 lb. Jindo. My 5 year old is mostly Jack Russell. Our life revolves around our 3 girls. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for them. We feed the Mix and the Jack raw and the Jindo Fresh Pet and a small amount of freeze dried raw as she is a bit more sensitive regarding her tummy.

I bought 3 jars of Nutri Thrive about 5-6 weeks just as a supplement to potentially enhance and ensure overall health and longevity. Our Jack does have occasional bouts of chewing and licking raw spots. Our Jindo has always has had a bit of morning sickness her entire life although it has declined a bit over the last few years. Once to twice weekly she would throw up in the morning. No issues whatsoever with the 9 year old mix.

After 5-6 weeks use, the Jack (almost immediately) ceased chewing and licking. Her raw spots are completely filled in and her coat is the best it has ever been by far. As for the Jindo, I have yet to see her get sick. If she has, we haven’t seen it. As for the 9 year old, I can’t say for sure, because she’s always been a healthy, vibrant girl, but I swear I think she has more energy and playfulness about her.

I will continue using the product unless something changes. As for the one’s having negative side effects, so sorry to hear.

Best to all. A home without a dog isn’t home.