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    Hav mom

    Oh My! It is so hard to lose weight . But, I think you should start by adding a small amount of the Perfect Weight at each meal with her Senior Vitality formula. About a week should do it until it is completely Perfect Weight food. She should be more or less starting to lose weight by the second week on the Perfect Weight food alone. But, if you prefer the 50/50 method, check with your vet and see if that would be alright for her at this time. ( It is like when you change the dog to a different food .) Actually, she is halfway. there.
    Also, you could add a few veggies when you cut the Senior Vitality out. Carrots, broccoli, tiny pieces of apple. etc. that should help the transition, also less calories, filling and healthy for them. Hope it helps. Perhaps someone else has a better solution to help you with this.
    . Good Luck.

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    Hav mom

    Chip,y I have been using Dr. Dobias products for my dog. I put Green min and Soul food every day along with am
    Feel Good OMega and pm meal gut sense.l It has made a great difference in his coat, his health and his teeth and
    gums. My vet asked what am I feeding him. I feed him fresh veggies with grouond turkey Dr. Dobias has a
    plan meals for dogs, easy to make and freeze portions or fresh very day (if you have the time. But the supplements are
    for any food. I also waited for a few months and then did the liver cleanse. easy, peasey, he had no difference in his
    attitude but he was more perky and better when he was done in six weeks. He also does not itch any longer and his
    eyes don’t cake in corners. So, we are happy with the supplements. I make a large bowl of food at one time with his plan
    of recipes. My dog is a havanese, large guy, 20#,he was a rescue 7 years ago and is going on 9 years old this year. Looks
    terrific, his blood tests are perfect…cant ask for more. The suypplements are expensive, but I found he only needs
    1/2 tsp. for a day of Green min and the rest, so they ususallly last 3 months or so. Dr.Dobias has a chart as to how long
    for hyour personaldog the supplement you choose should last before running out. His meal plans are easy and affordable
    if you want to do them. veggies, meat that’s it. Hope this helps, and as this is a late post ,(I have been off line for a while, sorry)you may have tried them already–so let me know if you liked the products.

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    Hav mom

    Try the dehydrated food by The Honest Kitchen, Grain or Grain Free Turkey. Easy on tummy, good food. Turkey usually
    preferred for sensitive allergic dogs and sensitive tummies.

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    Hav mom

    I agree Chipy! I had to reread Dr. Dobias on the raw bone feedings. I bought one from my butcher and when I got home
    was going to let my dog have it. Something made me recheck Dr. Dobias site and yep, freeze for at last 7 days due to
    the possibility of tapeworms no matter where the raw meat or bones came from. Good Advice, I won’t forget that
    again. By the way, do you use his supplements if I may ask????

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    Hav mom

    Have you tried any Dehydrated food? Ex: The Honest Kitchen or I and Love and You etc. Some are expensive but if
    you buy the 2# box of THK to try him on it, it lasts quite a while. depending on his weight. Our 2# box lasts a month with 2x daily feeding and my dog is a havanese, but 20#. We rescued him at 16 lbs. 8 years ago. He was fed the dehydrated foods since we rescued him. Tried the all one time or another. He ate them all, liked the moistness I think. Anyway, you can
    add meat, veggies etc. ON OCCASION for a change. Hope this suggestion helps.

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    Hav mom

    RRLOVER, I finally gave in and tried the THK Cluster food kibble. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for my dog. He did not
    like it no matter how I fixed it to get him to eat it. Tried to transiftion him for 7 days ,no go. he was not eating it. So we went back to the dehydrated food he was eating before the kibble try. He is back to a happy guy now and poops normall again.

    But, I wanted to tell you, I dealt with THK for over 4 years. My dog used to eat their dehydrated food until I made the change 2 years ago. Couldn’t stand the “gruel or green look” any longer. He still liked it..but now he loves what he eats, When he
    was with THK I had a lot of questions. I always had a reply to my questions. In fact once or twice I called them and they
    were very nice and even followed up with an email to confirm what they told me in the phone call. So, maybe there
    was a glitch and the information was lost so no one got back to you. It is worth another try if you want to find out
    about the information you inquired about that wasn’t answered. Good Luck.

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    Hav mom

    I am curious about the Human Grade and Feed Grade food. I requested the same question from the maker of the food I feed my Dog. I wanted to know if they are using “feed grade”
    meats as Ms. Thixton called this brand of Pet Food only because it is not processed in a Human Grade Facility, but she did give it 4 stars.. Here is the reply I received and I quote:
    “. We do not use any by-products in our foods, which is what you may be referring to. We never use the “4-D” products (dead, dying, disabled, or diseased). Our food is human grade until it enters the manufacturing facility (meaning, human food is not produced there). Our dehydrated raw is the highest quality product we offer, actually.

    The meat and poultry in the “I and love and you” dehydrated foods has no added hormones, is antibiotic-free, and is cage-free, free-range, and grass-fed.
    “I and love and you” makes super-premium pet food and treats that contain everything pets need to be happy and healthy, and none of what they don’t. Our first ingredient is always real meat and we never use fillers like white potatoes, corn, wheat, or soy. Our pets are members of our family and we take our mission very seriously.

    When you feed your pet “I and love and you,” you can trust that you are feeding them the very best ingredients from only the highest-quality sources. ILY consults with highly regarded pet nutritionists who have doctorate degrees in animal nutrition along with years of experience in pet food formulation and research. Additionally our pet nutritionists maintain professional membership with the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, American Society for Nutrition, and The American Society of Animal Science. All of our dog and cat recipes are carefully formulated to meet the most current AAFCO requirements and recommendations.
    I gather from the above, it is not “feed grade” or is it (?) because it is not processed in a
    facility that also made human food….Well, some of the facilities that make human food
    are not so sanitary either,regardless of inspections. I just find the two words confusing – one human grade and one feed grade because it is not processed in a facility where human food is also made. I thought that feed grade was
    from the 4 D group…. What is that group of food called when used for dog food?????? Am I missing something here? Just asking, no argument here. We all love and want the
    best we can afford for all our pets so they can be healthy. If any member knows of additional information about this brand please advise, I would be happy to know more.

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    Hav mom

    Just a suggestion/thought. I think it would be prudent to keep him on the probiotics a bit
    longer than a week. It takes time to get a good gut reaction for him to not retain and expel gas as well as heal his gut of “bad reactions” within it. Each dog is different in the time it
    takes to help.

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    Hav mom

    Thank you so much Patricia A and zcRiley for your input. I will keep giving my Hav the same dehydrated food for now until things resolve with good answers about the peas, potatoes etc in the foods. He is thriving so well, just got a bit apprehensive after all the stuff I’ve been
    reading and talking about with other dog owners where I live. Kind of scary all this stuff. Thanks again for a the info..really appreciate sound advice.

    Hav mom

    I have had Healthy Paws for 5 years now. Had to use it once and was very happy with the results. No problems with getting paid.

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    Hav mom

    Thanks Bobby Dog! The list is good appreciate the information. I was thinking about the whimzeez an as you mentioned trying them, I think I will give them a try for him.

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