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    Has anyone used this mineral supplement before? I am planning to add some green superfood to my 8 y/o rescue pup’s home cooked meals to detox his body and eliminate harmful heavy metals. Would really love some advice or feedback on how well this plant based supplement works, if anyone has experience with it. It has great reviews; Thanks so much for any feedback! 🙂

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    It’s a scam. Most supplements are. Beware of homeopathic vets, also known as quacks.

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    Thanks so much for sharing your opinion. Luckily, I have only good experience with Homeopathy… not only for myself, but also for my pup. I totally understand people being skeptical about it until they actually experience the healing in their own bodies. Initially I was skeptical too, so I get it. 🙂

    Anyway, I would still love to know if someone has tried GreenMin, before I pull the trigger and order it. I am super intrigued about it, because it is food based and NOT synthetic, which is really hard to find nowadays. I believe in the healing power of real wholesome food, as I often heal myself and treat my own issues with targeted nutrition instead of popping pills. So I have a feeling this would be super beneficial to detox my pup from environmental toxins, heavy metals, etc. I have read all the reviews about it, but would love to learn more if someone has already experienced how GreenMin works…?

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    Have you join Dr Peter Dobias F/B group, someone on his site might answer your question, I live Australia & cant get Dr Peter Dobias supplements, his new puppy “Pax” looks VERY healthy…

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    Susan, thanks so much for this link. His puppy does look VERY healthy!!

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    Hav mom

    Chip,y I have been using Dr. Dobias products for my dog. I put Green min and Soul food every day along with am
    Feel Good OMega and pm meal gut sense.l It has made a great difference in his coat, his health and his teeth and
    gums. My vet asked what am I feeding him. I feed him fresh veggies with grouond turkey Dr. Dobias has a
    plan meals for dogs, easy to make and freeze portions or fresh very day (if you have the time. But the supplements are
    for any food. I also waited for a few months and then did the liver cleanse. easy, peasey, he had no difference in his
    attitude but he was more perky and better when he was done in six weeks. He also does not itch any longer and his
    eyes don’t cake in corners. So, we are happy with the supplements. I make a large bowl of food at one time with his plan
    of recipes. My dog is a havanese, large guy, 20#,he was a rescue 7 years ago and is going on 9 years old this year. Looks
    terrific, his blood tests are perfect…cant ask for more. The suypplements are expensive, but I found he only needs
    1/2 tsp. for a day of Green min and the rest, so they ususallly last 3 months or so. Dr.Dobias has a chart as to how long
    for hyour personaldog the supplement you choose should last before running out. His meal plans are easy and affordable
    if you want to do them. veggies, meat that’s it. Hope this helps, and as this is a late post ,(I have been off line for a while, sorry)you may have tried them already–so let me know if you liked the products.

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    Hi Chipy!
    I don’t use GreenMin brand, but I’ve been using Chrollera supplement for my three senior dogs for over a year everyday now for the same reason you are thinking about using GreenMin. I looked at different detox products from spirulina , chrollera, GreenMin, combinations of these, and after evaluating efficacy, price, and over-all safety, I settled on chrollera for humans from VitaCost. GreenMin seems to be a very solid product, too.

    As for when to give it, I think you probably don’t want to give it with a meal because it can inhibit the absorption of minerals that’s in the food which pups need. I give my pups the supplement by itself between meals.

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    Thank you for the helpful feedback Hav Mom and WondrousPups!

    We decided to try GreenMin along with the other essentials; SoulFood, GutSense and FeelGood Omega… wow I couldn’t believe the transformation!

    He is now 11 yrs old and has the mental sharpness and physical energy of a puppy. Our vet can’t believe how healthy he is 🙂

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