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    Hi all,

    Does freshly killed poultry (duck and geese) need to be frozen for a length of time before being given to eat? And also are there any parts you do not feed like the intestines for instance and the beak?


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    Hound Dog Mom

    The only whole prey animals I feed are rabbits and quail. I feed the whole thing – hair or feathers on, ungutted. Everything I get has been pre-frozen, I’m assuming if the prey wasn’t wild it’s probably okay to feed fresh but I’d personally freeze it first just to be safe. If I was feeding a chicken or something with thick long nails or a big beak I’d probably remove the nails and beak just to be safe. When I feed chicken feet I cut off the nails.

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    They were shot locally I’m guessing wild duck and geese, not from a farm. I’m on a yahoo BARF list and sometimes folks give away some small prey! People will post when hunter friends have stuff to give away.

    As for the chia seed, I was putting it in the omega 3 rotation with krill oil. I was thinking some additional omega 3 will be needed to offset some omega 6 from the emu oil!!


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    It’s a good idea to remove the intestines, beak and nails. Regarding freezing the meat, the following note is included in Dr. Dobias’ online recipe maker;

    “Do not feed raw meat or fish that has not been previously frozen due to the risk of tapeworm infestation. All meats and fish should be previously frozen for at least 7 days in temperatures below -0.4F (-18C) to kill tapeworms. Tapeworms can be present even in inspected meats.”

    I hope this helps; https://recipemaker.peterdobias.com

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    Hav mom

    I agree Chipy! I had to reread Dr. Dobias on the raw bone feedings. I bought one from my butcher and when I got home
    was going to let my dog have it. Something made me recheck Dr. Dobias site and yep, freeze for at last 7 days due to
    the possibility of tapeworms no matter where the raw meat or bones came from. Good Advice, I won’t forget that
    again. By the way, do you use his supplements if I may ask????

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    Jerry R

    The cause of the most common of tapeworms is eating an infested flea.

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    Marisa J

    I follow breeders on social media and many that feed raw will give their puppies the deer, rabbits, chickens, ducks, pheasants, etc… but will remove the skin/feathers. They do not freeze the meat but they deworm their dogs once every year sometimes I’ve heard twice. I also know people who will feed ducks and quail whole, feathers and all. I preferably like to freeze the meat for 3-5 weeks to kill of bacteria but I’ve seen people go about it differently. If you know the source of the meat and that it doesn’t have worms I think you will be okay.

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