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    Hav mom

    Well, THK entered the “kibble” food with their new “chicken Clusters” a very interesting food I think. Very small in size,
    looks like a quality “kibble” but as they advertise, much better than a “kibble”. Using dehydrated food now and am a
    bit apprehensive to transition my dog to a kibble, after all I read how terrible any kibble is to feed our dogs.
    If any one has information about this food, appreciate all inputs. cost is a consideration that is why I am asking, getting
    expensive, keep raising the prices on the dehydrated foods aa well.

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    Angel Y

    I don’t recommend you this food. I feel like they use some kind of bad supplement,cause my dog had pulled out all of that “kiddle” after first try

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    To be “honest”, I like the concept of the Honest Kitchen dehydrated foods, but I’ve been less than impressed with how my dogs dogs digest the food and also with the company’s lack of ability to answer my questions. They told me they get back to me when they had an answer and it’s been since 1/2018.

    The website says this food was “Created with a veterinary nutritionist”, but I wonder then why this “grain free”, “boutique” food has potatoes (#2), peas (#3), and lentils (#5) as main ingredients. I don’t know why any veterinary nutritionist would design a food like this given the recent diet-related DCM FDA warnings, unless the food was already designed and paid for before the FDA warning.

    It’d be nice if a company that supposedly cares about ingredient quality actually cared about the health and safety of our animals.

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    Hav mom

    RRLOVER, I finally gave in and tried the THK Cluster food kibble. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for my dog. He did not
    like it no matter how I fixed it to get him to eat it. Tried to transiftion him for 7 days ,no go. he was not eating it. So we went back to the dehydrated food he was eating before the kibble try. He is back to a happy guy now and poops normall again.

    But, I wanted to tell you, I dealt with THK for over 4 years. My dog used to eat their dehydrated food until I made the change 2 years ago. Couldn’t stand the “gruel or green look” any longer. He still liked it..but now he loves what he eats, When he
    was with THK I had a lot of questions. I always had a reply to my questions. In fact once or twice I called them and they
    were very nice and even followed up with an email to confirm what they told me in the phone call. So, maybe there
    was a glitch and the information was lost so no one got back to you. It is worth another try if you want to find out
    about the information you inquired about that wasn’t answered. Good Luck.

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