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    I have the above puppy who literally farts a good deal. It really stinks. Spoke to my vet, told him what food I was feeding – Wainwright’s Salmon & potato puppy. Said perfect diet for pup. Asked about probiotics to see if this would help with the gas. Said yes no problem. I have been giving this once per day now for a week but no improvement. All suggestions greatly appreciated

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    I would try a dog food with no potato.

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    Hav mom

    Just a suggestion/thought. I think it would be prudent to keep him on the probiotics a bit
    longer than a week. It takes time to get a good gut reaction for him to not retain and expel gas as well as heal his gut of “bad reactions” within it. Each dog is different in the time it
    takes to help.

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    Yes I definitely recommend probiotics longer than a week. How long has he been on the food he’s on?

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    I have never used probiotics and most likely never will. So, I don’t have an opinion on them 🙂

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    Since we got him at 10 weeks. Changed him from the Harrington’s he was on after seeing ingredients and state of his poo, very soft. Vet said wainwright’s puppy salmon n potato was ideal. Just his stinky gas. I will give him a few more weeks before going back to vets if gas no better.

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    Hi Sandra,
    you in the UK?
    CHANGE food
    these are the ingredients
    “Wainwright’s Salmon & potato puppy”

    Composition: Salmon Fish Meal (26%), Potato Starch (21%), Barley (14%), Red Sourghum (13%), Rapseed Oil (7%), Whole Linseed (5%), Potato Protein (5%), Beet Pulp (4%), Alfalfa (2%), Dicalphosphorus (1.5%), Minerals, Seaweed (0.4%), Chicory (0.05%), Extract of Yucca Schidigera (0.02%), Marigold Meal (0.005%), Rosemary Oil Extract

    1 or 2 of these ingredient isnt agreeing with him.
    My boy can not eat Barley he farts, bad wind & sloppy poos..

    A dog should fart but my vet said it “shouldn’t smell” & clear a room, this means he’s making bad gasses, methane combine with hydrogen sulfide makes the fart smell bad….
    Vet made me change Patches food, he said look for a kibble that has Potato or Sweet Potato, then finally I found a few different brands of dry foods that agreed with him & I rotate them… best to rotate his foods so his immune system builds up & he gets use to different ingredients, once you find a few different brands that agree with him then rotate these dry dog foods, what I do when the kibble bag has only 1/4 of the kibble left I start adding the new food with the old kibble, more old formula & less new formula untill he’s on 1/2 old & 1/2 new, then I feed that for 3-5 days then I add more new kibble less old kibble…

    Look for another puppy food that has NO Potato Starch, Barley, Red Sourghum, Rapeseed oil & “No Salmon or Fish Meal” Fish dog foods are VERY high in Heavy Metals, Toxins & Contamines so I would avoid all fish wet & dry dog foods……

    Look for a puppy formula that has either Lamb, Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Venison with Sweet Potato, Brown Rice, Oats, Potato, Vegetables, Fruit, healthy ingredients…
    Picture all the ingredients on a plate

    I’ve been looking thru the UK ingredients in dog foods & most brands are adding fish, this is telling me the UK pet food companies are getting very cheap byproduct fish ingredients, heads, guts, tails etc so I’d try & avoid dog foods that have fish ingredients if you can, if the fish is further down the ingredient list then OK but no fish meal/ocean meal in the first 5-6 ingredients…

    Chicken & Turkey are cleaner meats when used in dog foods..
    If you want to feed fish then buy & add tin Salmon in spring water, Sardines in spring water added 1-2 spoon to 1 of his daily meals, add healthy fresh ingredients to his meal once you find a dry food that agrees with him.

    With Probiotics they are best given on empty stomach, so either first thing of a morning when he wakes up then feed 1 hour later or give probiotic drink inbetween meals when stomach acids are low,
    if you’re using a probiotic powder then add 10ml-15ml cool water in a bowl with probiotic & swirl around to dissolve the probiotic powder & then let him drink the probiotic drink, my boy use to love his probiotic drink at 10am, I’d give it as a treat..
    He needs his food change then he wont need to take the probiotic, something isnt agreeing with him..
    Make sure you keep a diary & write everything down you have tried & first 10 ingredients as Frenchies are known for Food sensitivities & Skin Allergies…
    Just remember the vet isn’t a vet nutritionist….

    Barking Head & Forthglade dog food looks really good, take back the Wainwright’s Salmon & potato puppy food you’re feeding now, tell pet shop or online pet store Wainwright’s Salmon isnt agreeing with your pup & now he wont eat it, dog foods are normally guaranteed for palability, money back or exchange & they will exchange for another food Look for new food with not too many ingredients, you can add your own healthy fresh ingredients..

    Have a look at
    * Barking Heads- https://barkingheads.co.uk/collections/dog-food

    * Forthglade – https://forthglade.com/shop-dog/dry-dog-food/turkey-brown-rice-cold-pressed-natural-dry-dog-food

    * Simpsons – https://www.simpsonspremium.com/dogs/puppy

    * Eden – https://edenpetfoods.com/products/dog-food/eden-80-20-dried-food/eden-80-20-country-cuisine.html

    * Millies Wolfheart – https://www.millieswolfheart.co.uk/

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