Any good dog health insurance and worth to purchase?

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    I forgot to add in my last post that if we will be going to the vet a lot and doing blood work and all sorts of GI tests, would it be worth it to buy a dog medical insurance is I still can purchase one. My dog is 22 months old and has not had other health issues. Thanks.

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    Yes, discuss with your vet. See what he recommends. If you are going to get health insurance for your dog, do it now before your dog is diagnosed with a medical condition.
    From what you have described I would consider it.
    I have a dog with allergies, no dog health insurance, it costs me $$ to keep her comfortable (specialist, shampoos, etc) Treatment is lifelong.

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    PS: I have heard good things about this one: Trupanion

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    Hav mom

    I have had Healthy Paws for 5 years now. Had to use it once and was very happy with the results. No problems with getting paid.

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    Hi Doodlemom,
    Sounds like your doodle is suffering from Stomach/Bowel problems = IBS….
    later on as he ages may turn into IBD if he isnt treated when he is young…
    When you were at the vets did the vet recommend to feed one of their Digestive Health vet diet??
    I have a rescued dog who I rescued age 4yrs old he suffers with IBD now, I’d say when he was a pup he suffered with similar health problems like your Doodle has, then as he aged it turned to IBD….If you have the money I’d see a vet who specializes in IBD, theer’s a good f/b group called “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”

    I would change his diet, the Farmina Puppy food with lamb diet might be too rich for him or an ingredient isnt agreeing with him??
    Have a look at “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult, very easy to digest, high protein-34% low/med fat-13%, low in Kcals-345per cup, formulated for large breeds digestive tract, my boy has “FINALLY” gain weight, after years of struggling to keep his weight on, he does firm poos every day, stopped his vomiting…. It’s worth a try then if your Doodle doesn’t gain weight I’d see a vet that knows alot about Intestinal problems & take it from there..
    Im wondering does he suffer with food sensitivities?? My boy does this is when the Hypoallergenic vet diets are really good to work out what your dog might be sensitive too & do a food elimintion diet…
    Patch did a vet diet elimination diet, then we did a raw diet elimination diet a few years later when Patch saw a Nutritionist 2015….
    Patch ended up having Endoscope + Biopsies 2013 & again Jan 2018 to work out what was wrong again?? the Biopsies tell the vet so much information that cant been seen thru Ultra Scan, Xrays & blood test..
    Something is wrong with your boy..

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    Sorry, I’ve posted the post above in the wrong section & I cant delete, so I’ve reposted it in your “Advice needed on what to do for dog that won’t eat /GI issues?” 🙂

    Yes I would be looking for a pet insurance that does cover & insure pre exsiting health problems, some do not cover….

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    Thank you all. We look into insurance hopefully that’s covers OEC.

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