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  • in reply to: Taurine-Deficient Cardiomyopathy Podcast #125735 Report Abuse

    You wrote

    “Grain free literally has ZERO benefits to your dog. Why would you risk even a SMALL possibility of your dog getting DCM from the food your feeding when there is no reward?”

    How dare you say Im putting my dog at risk?
    How can you put this information out there
    “grain free foods have ZERO benefits to your dog”
    Where is your evidence to support these claim?

    My vet prescribe her Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Gastrointestinal grain dry food first, it made her symptoms worse, then the vet put her on grain free Royal Canine Veterinary Diet Canine Selected Protein Adult PR Potato & Rabbit dry dog food straight away she improved, this dog was given to me after her mum had passed away the family were taking her to a shelter, Im her neighbour I know Chloe so I said I’ll take her, from what I can remember she was raw feed her whole life, so I dont know if family members feed her a cheap grain dry dog food this is why is became very ill, vet said it looks like food allergy, since being on grain free Royal Canine vet diet she has gain weight she looks better then she looked 4 months ago when she came into my care, she has energy now wants to play with her brother, the vet said we’ll keep her on the Royal Canine PR for another 3 months then come back again we’ll discuss what to do next (put back onto raw diet).
    I asked the vet are potatoes OK, I was reading the ingredients on the Royal Canine food bag, he said potatoes are fine, he has been selling Royal Canine PR vet diet for years there have been no food related DCM cases no problems with potato.

    Shame on you, you need to stop putting fear into people put your beliefs aside till we have more proof DCM is food related?…

    in reply to: Taurine-Deficient Cardiomyopathy Podcast #125655 Report Abuse

    @ Crazy4cats,
    did you have your dogs tested to see if their taurine levels were low

    I read through your link, it’s old information, there’s no new info, first and second links are from July 12, 2018, I thought there would be some new information
    also Dr. Marty Greer writes

    “These alerts identify an associated risk for “some grain-free diets” containing certain ingredients (legumes like peas, pea components, lentils; white potatoes, sweet potatoes) and a diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)”

    So its not all grain free dog foods…

    I wonder how cats are going on cat grain free diets, are cats having the same problems as dogs are having?

    Seems to be affecting the Golden Retriever breed the most.

    in reply to: Massive ***** on Acana #123336 Report Abuse


    Are you feeding your senior dog Purina Pro Plan Focus Senstive Skin and Stomach??

    Explain to me HOW can 1 food fix a dog skin problem & at the same time fix a dog stomach problems??

    another Skeptvet Blog where’s your proof/research science????

    in reply to: Bladder Stones and Diet #123334 Report Abuse

    Anon 101

    I thought you can not sell or push any services on DFA, how come you are allowed to keep posting your UK Skeptvet posts & harrass posters with these Skeptvet posts ?
    Skeptvet isnt even American, also he is a very bias Vegan who has his own beliefs.

    Belief meaning
    an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

    Post science related posts with research behind the post..
    You’re pushing & selling Skeptvet, its WRONG needs to be stopped…

    in reply to: Starch free and grain free dog food. #121152 Report Abuse

    Hi Lynn,

    *MYTH: Carbohydrates or sugar in your dog’s diet will “feed” the yeast and cause infections! “Anti-Yeast Diets, Anti-inflammatory Diets, Species Appropriate Diets”. Sugar and Carbohydrates (honey, corn syrup, tapioca, grains) must be avoided in the diet since they will perpetuate or cause a yeast imbalance on the skin.

    *FACT: This is the biggest falsehood perpetuated by internet voices. Unfortunately, the loudest voice is a veterinarian. This statement has become viral among dog owners and these pet parents are adamant in their false belief.

    The Facts & Myths about Yeast Dermatitis.. by Karen Helton Rhodes, DVM, DACVD
    Terri Bonenberger, DVM, DACVD
    Veterinary Dermatologists

    in reply to: by products #121099 Report Abuse

    @ Anon101

    I click on your link you posted above Sketvet blog & there is NO science based information, where is this reseach, I did not see any?,
    all I read was Skeptvet opinion & other peoples screened post Skeptvet screens and if he agrees with what people write then Skeptvet post their post..
    Last time I looked Skeptvet is not a Scientist or Nutritionist, he’s a vet blogger that post what he thinks is correct but is not always correct..

    Oh, I did find your posts “L”

    I always add a little boiled chicken meat or boiled egg to the kibble plus a splash of water.
    That way I know they are getting protein for sure.
    I went back to a grain inclusive kibble (Fromm Classic Adult) for now to be on the safe side.

    @ Anon101 you write

    “For instance, pet owners often send messages asking AAHA to recommend a shampoo for a “stinky dog.” Often, the dog’s problem is not a “stinky” body”

    What a load of BULL, when my dog smells its not her ears or teeth as she eats a raw diet & she has BEAUTIFUL teeth, she smells from her yeasty smelly skin caused by allergies & she needs a medicated shampoo to have a bath..

    Sometimes a dog health problem has a simple fix cost $10-$40 to fix & you DO NOT need to see a vet & waste their time..

    Why are you here on DFA harassing posters & answering their post? if you think people should be seeing a vet & not come onto sites like DFA???

    in reply to: Dog ravenously licking floors, carpets #120291 Report Abuse

    @ Anon101
    You are full on, give the poor bloke a break . You’re
    Confusing the poor bloke. You can’t always be
    Correct, you’re not a vet & reading through all your post you
    have no experience in this matter. Let it go the poor dog sounds like its suffering. Stop wanting to be right all the time. Move on, Susan & a few other posters sound like they
    seem to have a dog who has been through what Rayns dog
    is going through.. think of the poor dog & not yourself for a change.

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