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    I would trust the ingredient list. Maybe they revised their recipe but forgot to update that paragraph. Maybe they switched them to the Yams?

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    Thanks for that site @dog_Obsessed I think the Iced tuna should work wonders for me.

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    If you read what I said again you will see that I said “If she becomes aggressive” which she most likely wouldn’t if you had kept her in a calm state by asking her to lie down. Then you might have to do that if she were to try to bite.

    In my opinion it shows the dog that biting is not acceptable. Clearly you disagree and that is fine. Either way you would want to prevent it from escalating to that level in the first place but I disagree that removing the dog from the situation will help, it will just show up again in another time or place. Once the dog is calm she will naturally want to sniff out and investigate and that will make the dog face it’s fear instead of just reacting and avoiding it.

    Dogs sometimes roll on their sides or backs for their owners even without being asked to do it (just approaching) so I don’t understand why you are so opposed to asking them to do it when they have misbehaved it is not being mean and it perfectly natural in a dogs mind.

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    Fear and aggression are separate things. I am not saying to alpha roll a fearful dog but if that dog becomes aggressive and lunges or tries to bite, Picking it up and going hush hush (which was suggested earlier) is the absolute wrong thing to do. Would you try to do that with a mastiff? Good luck.

    All I’m saying is you have to try to keep the dog in a calm state and address the situation. If the dog is acting aggressive (lunging, biting etc.) address the situation in whatever way will calm the dog. Don’t just pickup the dog and avoid the situation. Also instead of saying “Can your child remove their hood?” which is very rude by the way. Maybe something like “My dog is still in training do you mind if I try to introduce her calmly?” and it is the parent’s right to say no if they aren’t comfortable with your dog approaching their child. It is your responsibility to have control of your dog whether it is a Chihuahua or a Pit Bull.

    I never advocated shock collars? Not sure what you are trying to say with that.

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    You only have to put the dog on it’s side in a very aggressive case but that probably isn’t the case here. But you SHOULD disagree with the growling and barking behavior whether it is a firm NO or SHH or a tap on the side or make them sit.

    The dog was probably fearful of the hooded figure and the child was probably making eye contact with the dog which made her anxious/scared and caused her to growl, bark. Usually just making them sit / laydown is enough to snap them out of it.

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    Make the dog lay down but on her side… you probably would only need to do that if she actually lunged to bite at the child.

    Eg. (Don’t know if links work on this site)

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    You should disagree with the dogs behavior and have her sit or lie down until she calms down. Then make sure she follows you to the person. The person should ignore the dog not go face to face or try to pet the dog.

    If she at any time becomes aggressive you have to disagree and correct the behavior you might even have to put her on her side until she calms down.

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    I totally agree with aquarian that in a high excitement distraction environment likea group training or obedience class kibble probably wont work as well. But if it is just a one on one with your dog it seems to work pretty well for me, and I don’t have to worry about waking up 5 times in the middle of the night with a squirting pooch.

    Also you shouldn’t let other people give your dog their sugar and salt loaded treats which can make them focus on getting THAT treat therefore making them picky.

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    If you can make it to SuperStore some of the PC Nutrition First dog foods are rated 4 or 5 stars on this site (grain free salmon and potato is 5 star?) and it is fairly affordable.

    Otherwise Merrick Classic should be available at most pet stores for a premium but somewhat reasonable price. Not sure what else might be available from Sobeys. I think freshpet has some highly rated options but I think it is expensive and only come in small pouches.

    in reply to: running out of options #70591 Report Abuse

    Does she respond to her kibble for training? Maybe try taking a small handful of kibble out of her regular food for the day and use it for training. If you don’t use all of it during the day just add it back to her food for dinner time. Or just keep track of how much kibble you use and adjust the food portions.

    My puppy was having diarrhea issues so we had to cut out all treats, chews, and snacks until it settles down. He still responds well to his kibble for training so I use that and it doesn’t upset his tummy.

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