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    Karen J

    My dog Trixie is on a grain free diet and a few supplements and doing pretty well. But I seem to be running out of good treats for training. I was boiling chicken breasts and cutting them up and she threw it all up tonight from 9 hours ago.

    The Good Lovin Brand she was liking and then got bored. I just gave her a Stella & Chewy nugget, she had gotten bored with them but I think she ate, I have to go look. Maybe I have to rotate. This is such an informative group I thought you might have some ideas.

    She love the Tri-Pom organic chicken jerky from Maine but it’s not such a great training tool. They’re kind of time consuming for her to chew. Plus it’s expensive.

    The dehydrated treats seem to give her diarrhea.

    Any suggestions? She’s smart and stubborn so I have to work on stay and come and loose leash walking and all 13lbs get reactive on the leash…so I take a pouch with me and the clicker to try to work on these issues on our walks. But without treats it doesn’t work so well.

    Thank you, Karen

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    there are many many grainfree treats out there to try: The Honest Kitchen and SoJo’s are the ones I use.

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    Does she respond to her kibble for training? Maybe try taking a small handful of kibble out of her regular food for the day and use it for training. If you don’t use all of it during the day just add it back to her food for dinner time. Or just keep track of how much kibble you use and adjust the food portions.

    My puppy was having diarrhea issues so we had to cut out all treats, chews, and snacks until it settles down. He still responds well to his kibble for training so I use that and it doesn’t upset his tummy.

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    Oh my, there are HUNDREDS of treats. I change constantly. That’s to help keep them moving and not get bored. Definitely don’t use the same forever, they’ll certainly not respond as well. I also don’t use kibble to train in any sort of group or public setting, it won’t get you the results you want. Watch out for food intolerances though, if there is anything she doesnt get along with in food, it’ll happen with treats. Rotational diet helps toleration of treat changes as well.

    Currently in my bag I have:

    Stella and Chewy’s carnivore crunch Salmon and cod (wont use again, too crumbly, my biggest pet peeve with treats)
    Ziwipeak Venison Jerky
    Sojos Simply Turkey

    In my chewy shipment coming:
    Vital Essentials Tripe Niblets
    Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken

    Sojos simply is my favorite, I usually have one of the three flavors on me.

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    I totally agree with aquarian that in a high excitement distraction environment likea group training or obedience class kibble probably wont work as well. But if it is just a one on one with your dog it seems to work pretty well for me, and I don’t have to worry about waking up 5 times in the middle of the night with a squirting pooch.

    Also you shouldn’t let other people give your dog their sugar and salt loaded treats which can make them focus on getting THAT treat therefore making them picky.

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