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    Not sure whether to post this under treats or homemade food.

    My puppy has started teething and I can’t use edible chews or bully sticks because he gets diarrhea quite easily so he is just getting kibble and pumpkin for his food.

    I am planning to fill and freeze his kong to help with his gums and chewing habit but would like some recipes some of you might have tried that are fairly natural and safe for the tummy.

    I have tried peanut butter but he doesn’t seem too interested in it when it is frozen. (less aromatic I guess?)

    Some people have suggested ground beef and rice? (Should the ground beef be raw or cooked?)

    Open to any and all suggestions.

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    You can fill his Kong with pumpkin and his kibble and freeze it as his meal if you’d like, but if you want something more treat-like, then here is a link with some ideas:
    As for his sensitive stomach, I would say the key is to introduce new ingredients very slowly. Only give him a tiny bit of something the fist time, and if that goes well then slowly increase the amount. If it gives him loose stool, discontinue that ingredient.
    As for the beef and rice, it sounds like a good idea, but it should definitely be cooked if it is going into a Kong, and make sure it doesn’t make up too much of his diet. Good luck! 😀

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    Thanks for that site @dog_Obsessed I think the Iced tuna should work wonders for me.

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    I sometimes use peanut butter (too much can cause loose stool) but mainly a thicker batch of a dehydrated food such as The Honest Kitchen or a freeze dried one.

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