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    George D

    I was feeding my 7 mo old pup ziwipeak for 2 weeks with no problems, however, over the past week she’s been regurgitating the ziwi minutes after eating it. I’ve tried venison and beef with the same results. I went back to orijen and no problems, anyone else have similar problems with ziwi? I’m kinda bummed because she likes it and it’s a good product, maybe too rich for her ?

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    The one thing I dislike about Ziwi is there use of lecithin. It is soy based lecithin. For some dogs soy can trigger an allergy.

    After having an issue with my dog constantly regurgitating or vomiting many different types of food(kibble, raw, dehydrated,canned) we had him tested. What puzzled me was some foods he would immediately vomit while others he would be fine with for weeks before he would start to reject. We had this same issue with Ziwi. We later found out he has a moderate soy allergy. So ingredients he was moderately allergic to took awhile to build up in his system before he could no longer take it.

    Have you thought about other types of raw or dehydrated foods? Ziwi is good but there are so many other types of commercial raw that could be a better fit.

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    George D

    Hi Stewart, I started her when she was 4 months on orijen dry mixed with their freeze dried line, she likes it and no problems. I’ve tried stella and chewys frozen patties and she also likes them. I’m leaning towards half dry ( orijen ) and half raw. Any other suggestions on good brands? Was also thinking of trying Darwin’s free trial.

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    Darwin’s free trial is a great deal! I use that as part of our rotation, now.

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    I’ve been using ZiwiPeak just as a topper the past couple weeks and always with another wet food though. I’ll give them a couple pieces (without anything additional) as a treat and they haven’t had regurg issues.

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    Nancy C

    I started transitioning my 10 yr old Golden R to RAW 8 days ago. She ate kibble for TEN YEARS! I was scared. With the help/ advice from a good Homeopath DVM I started with Big Dog Natural, a dehydrated raw. He suggested it because he knows the company, it is an excellent food which he feeds his 6 dogs (rotates w Darwins). The strength of the food is that it is FERMENTED and every meal has GREEN TRIPE included. Both these 2 ingredients are excellent digestive aids. So when I fed the first meal — Cold Turkey – NOT mixed with kibble due to the different digestion times for kibble and raw (There are varied opinions on feeding raw and kibble simultaneously). Customer Service and Dr. Loops recommended cold turkey – NOT MIXING THE TWO. Customer service all but guaranteed me there would be no problem.
    I was very nervous but I followed their advice. There was NOTHING TO TO IT! Worked beautifully plus my dog LICKED THE BOWL for over 1 1/2 minutes. She LOVED the food. NO DIARRHEA and NO LOOSE STOOL which I was expecting! NONE. This was a PIECE OF CAKE! She has Significantly smaller stools. After a few weeks on this raw food I will ADD DARWIN’S. Then will ADD other raw foods.Have Darwin’s patties, Tripe and Turkey Necks from HARE TODAY in my freezer. The homeopath said that going to BDN would be easier and a great intro into raw. They are on the net. Great Customer Service. The ONLY thing that is “difficult” is that you have to let the food REHYDRATE for about 12 to 15 min before feeding. Can do that at night and leave in frig so to feed your dog immediately in the morning. Check out the website and good luck.

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    Keilani G

    I also had a hard time with Ziwipeak. My dog threw it all up. There needs to be some kind of directions on how much to feed the dogs…perhaps by weight. It was sad and this dog food ain’t cheap!!! I thought about giving the rest of the bag to the shelter but I don’t want those pups to get sick! I believe it’s just too rich or has something in it that doesn’t agree with dogs. Ziwipeak has an obligation to figure this out for the sake of their consumers…the doggies!!

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