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    Travis A

    I recently was looking to switch up my 2 pit/lab/boxer mixed approx. 5 month old boys from Ideal Balance puppy formula to Zach’s. I originally started out on Wellness CORE and they liked that but it got too expensive so I was working my way through some different brands. I came across Zach’s on the 4 star foods listed on the website, Did some outside research on the company and food and it seemed to be the best rated/quality around for $32.50 per 50lb bag. I was suspicious because it’s so cheap compared to equal rated foods. So far my dogs like it just fine and it’s in pretty small pellet form as well. Has anyone else had experience with this brand? I know it’s out of Breckenridge, TX small company and so far so good just wondering about other’s experiences.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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