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    I’m looking for a grain free turkey formula that doesn’t get anything from China. And preferable one that hasn’t had a recall.

    Does anyone know about these foods:
    Nature’s variety L.I.D.

    Or if anyone knows of another one.

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    I currently feed Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch but I have the Primitive Natural (the poultry one) lined up to feed next. I have not checked personally if the ingredients come from China but so far so good – I trust the company and my Bruno is doing fabulously on the Coastal Catch. You could send them an email or call and ask though!

    Also, if you’re down for feeding something besides kibble – The Honest Kitchen has a grain-free dehydrated turkey formula – Embark – which looks like canned when mixed with water. THK is a very reputable company. No China sourcing I think.

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    Thanks. I have tried their coastal catch and my dog didn’t do very well on it. He got dry flaky skin. But I have also tried the lamb and he did well on that one.

    I did email all of them today. So far haven’t gotten a response. But it’s only been a day. 🙂

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    Hm, that’s odd – that he got dry skin on fish-based food when usually fish-based foods help with skin issues (or at least fish oil does). Bruno is as soft and shiny as ever (then again, he also gets coconut oil at breakfast every other day as well and that helps with skin and coat too).

    I have not gotten the lamb yet, I have the poultry one and the bison one lined up to feed Bruno.

    Anyway, hope they respond soon!

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    I have Natural Planet Organics GF Turkey on deck to try for my fish intolerant pup, as it’s a fish free formula, as is Zignature Turkey.

    Wellness Simple makes a Turkey & Potato, Whole Earth Farms has a GF Turkey. Nature’s Variety Instinct makes a LID that’s straight up Turkey and then they also offer Duck & Turkey in their regular Instinct line-up. Back to Basics also offers a GF Turkey. The Honest Kitchen offers Embark, which is their GF Turkey product offering. And Brothers Complete has a Turkey Meal & Egg formula.

    As far as being China free, I’m not certain of that for any of those that I mention. I would feel comfortable using any of the products that I listed, but I am not particularly fearful of those companies who choose to add synthetic vitamins and minerals that use a premix sourced from China.

    Edit: That word up there that always gets ********’d out, is the word that is synonymous with a male sibling, he’s not your sister, but he’s your brother. KWIM?

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