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    Hey hoping people can help me out with their experiences and personal opinions. I know I won’t know if a food will work for my dog until I try it myself but I would just like to see if other people have experiences with these brands or know anything about them that gives reason to avoid them.

    I am trying to find a food to switch my dog to. I have narrowed down my top picks to Farmina Ancestral Grain, Victor Select, and Purina Beyond/Purina Bright Mind Turkey&Rice. I am trying to switch my dog to a grain inclusive food because she is currently on a high lentil/chickpea food and I don’t want to chance it as she is a senior with a heart murmur. I am finding it too difficult to find grain free foods without all the legumes so just finding a grain inclusive food has been a bit easier.

    These are my top picks because they look decent, they are within my price range, and all are found at my local pet store. Would just like to hear which one people would pick out of these and if there is any real reason to avoid one over another.

    Thanks for any help and sorry if my English is not that great, not my first language and still working on it 🙂

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    I would go with Purina Beyond/Purina Bright Mind Turkey&Rice.

    I recently decided to switch to a grain inclusive food for my dogs too and we decided on Purina Pro Plan Focus Salmon for sensitive skin and stomach for one. Fromm Classic Adult for the other. Both dogs are doing well.

    Both brands have been around a long time, especially Purina, you can be sure Purina employs a veterinary nutritionist and does feeding trials.

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    Hi Sanne,
    I would give “Farmina Ancestral Grain” a try it’s made in Italy, it looks like a very good quality dog food, then I’d try “Victor Select” I think the Victor Select Chicken looked really good when I was looking.
    I also feed “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior formula it has all the supplements for aging dogs joints/bones, skin & coat, it’s high Omega 3 fatty acids & Glucosamine..

    Rotate between a few different brands thats what I do, so if something is wrong with 1 brand then my dog isnt eating it for too long to have any bad side effects..
    Your English is good

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    Thank you both for the recommendations! I think I might try the Farmina first as it looks really good and seems to have a lot of positive reviews everywhere. I like the look of the Light formula, my dog tends to be on the chubby side so I don’t want a food too high in fat or kcals.

    I definitely like the idea of rotating, or at the very least having a back up brand that I know she does well on. So if she does well on it I will still try at least a second one. The senior Canidae looks good but for now I am just going to avoid too many peas/lentils/chickpeas ingredients. They make me a little too nervous. The Victor Senior/Healthy Weight looks pretty decent for a lower calorie option though. If the Farmina works I may still give that one a try as a back up. Glad I have not been able to find any negative history about these brands yet!

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    Kevin P

    We use pawTree you can personalize the food based on your dog and they make it for you. It’s all natural and you can name the bag. I set up ez ship so I get a new bag a few days before we run out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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