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    When you read ingredients it will say either, Dried Chicken or Chicken or Chicken meal.. Which one is the better one??

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    Dried chicken is dehydrated chicken meat (like jerky). Chicken is unprocessed raw chicken with moisture content (like ordinary raw grocery store chicken). Chicken meal is processed chicken that has been heated and cooked down into a powdered meal. Then when added to make kibble it is cooked again. This one is the most processed of the three.

    For me, in a kibble, ideally I would chose chicken and dried chicken. Second choice would be chicken and chicken meal. Next choice is chicken meal as chicken by itself loses much of it’s weight after cooking so you end up with not much chicken after it is cooked down. There is a few good foods without meals like Now Fresh. Halo is ok too but it has alot of plant matter in it. And if you chose a food with just chicken, then you can always add a high protein topper to the kibble whether that’s canned food or fresh food like eggs and meat or sardines.

    It just really depends on what level of animal protein you prefer to feed your dog. I feed varying ranges.

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    Thank- You, The new kibble Im trying says chicken no other meats, it use to say dried Chicken first ingredient, then they changed the ingredients took out a few. Now its just chicken first ingredient, there doesnt seem to much in this kibble,

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    Ah that clarifies this “question” for me as well. I knew chicken and meal, but wasn’t sure what dehydrated referred to. I try to make sure my Kibbles have at least the first two as meat ingredients (I think their current food is meat, then meat meal…chicken/lamb/beef usually, I swap out the varieties)

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