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    Chandler G

    My pug has seizures every once in a while. I found that they usually happen when I switch her food – I noticed this because when I would board her at the vet and take her home she would switch her from the vet food to the dog food I buy and she would have them. I began feeding her better dog food – currently using Tiki dog for petite breeds and it hasn’t happened in forever. For some reason, they rarely have it in stock lately so i have tried different flavors and she has been fine. But now they ran out completely so i had to switch to another brand and then ordered the Tiki dog duck flavor online (which I thought I had given her before but my boyfriend thinks Not). Anyways she is still having seizures with the duck brand. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should be feeding her to avoid these seizures? I can make something homemade or would also love brands that I could buy for her. I’m not sure exactly which ingredients are causing them so what are the safest ones?

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    None that I know of. Idiopathic epilepsy is a neurological disorder. There are several medications that will significantly decrease the frequency of seizures so that the dog does not have to suffer.
    The general rule of thumb is if the dog is having 1 seizure or more per month or the seizures are severe, medication is indicated.
    Uncontrolled seizures can lead to brain damage and much stress and anxiety for the animal.

    Best thing to do would be to take her to see your vet about treatment options asap.

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    PS: If your dog is diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy (neurological disorder) speak to your vet about signing a waiver regarding vaccines.

    A good diet may help (avoid rosemary) but it won’t prevent seizures.

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    If you can video the next “seizure” on your phone/camera to show the vet it may be helpful for diagnostic purposes.

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    Hi Chandler,

    Are you using these flea/tick chews??
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning on September 20, 2018 about the isoxazoline flea and tick products fluralaner for dogs and cats (Bravecto®), afoxalaner for dogs (Nexgard®), and saroloner for dogs (Simparica®).

    Here’s Judys Morgan video – Seizures and Rabies Vaccine? grab a cuppa & sit back & watch..

    Has your vet done blood tests & checked her Liver, if Liver enzymes are very high you need to detox your dog.??
    My Patches Liver Enzymes were high when he was eating TOTW Sierra Mountain Lamb kibble-2017 then few years later 2019 TOTW was tested & was very high in Lead??

    “Judy Morgan DVM” Face book page her “Video’s”

    Have you looked into home cooking?? stop feeding pet foods as they are high toxins, heavy metals & contaminates
    Here’s Dr Judy Morgan cooking on CBS New York Video making an easy recipe in a crock pot or oven, then her 2nd video
    Judy is using cooling foods to cool the dog body down what your dog might need, scroll down Pup loaf, Bone Broth, Golden Paste..
    Get her book Ying & Yang..

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