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    What are your top 5 favorite foods for your dog(s)? It can be kibble, canned, raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried, pre-mix, etc.

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    Omg, just 5??? Lol. Well, let’s see… from what I’ve fed… I’d say:

    Victor Grain Free (particularly the Ultra Professional)
    THK all
    Canned Merrick (the minced/pate style ones only – Bruno didn’t do so well on the stew ones for some reason…)
    Canned Wellness Core
    Annndddd…. I really can’t pick a winner for #5 from the ones I’ve fed so far… I like Earthborn Holistic, Dr. Tim’s Kinesis Grain Free, Holistic Health Extension, Nutrisca, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Now Fresh, and Nature’s Variety Instinct… I guess, if I have to elicit a winner it will be Dr. Tim’s…

    But, I really want to try Orijen, Acana, Go!, Back to Basics, and Wellness Core (in kibbles). Also TOTW both kibbles and canned, and Annamaet. So I have a long way to go… But so far so good. 🙂

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    In no particular order:
    Grandma Lucy’s
    Stella & Chewys

    I also have been using the Honest Kitchen and my girl is loving it! He sits there and whines for it when it is rehydrating.

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    I just wanted to get a sense of what people are using and what they like. My top 5 would be:
    The Honest Kitchen
    Stella & Chewy’s
    Tucker’s Raw

    Max is getting tired of The Honest Kitchen and doesn’t really want to eat it anymore regardless of the variety. I started giving him kibble again even though I don’t really want to. Right now he is eating Orijen with his raw (Primal, S&C, Tucker’s, and Vital Essentials). I was looking in to other kibble brands but I want to try going grain-free AND potato-free for Max’s arthritis to see if it helps any.

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    My top 5 picks, currently: In no particular order

    DRY: Wellness, Annamaet, Victor, Dr. Tim’s, Precise

    CAN: Wellness, Simply Nourish, Weruva, Nature’s Variety, Mulligan Stew

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    My favorite are:
    Victor grain free kibble
    Nature’s Logic kibble
    Kirkland Cuts in Gravy canned
    Pure Balance canned
    Northwest Naturals raw nuggets

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    cindy q

    Rosie is only 7 mos almost 8 so we don’t really have favorites yet, but she has eaten Blue Buffalo wilderness her stools were very loose on it so we switched to Merrick grain free dry and topped with Merrick canned. I really wanted her to like The Honest Kitchen, but she didn’t.

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    I need to add that I also love Fromm, dry and canned. Forgot about them for a minute because I haven’t fed them in a little while, lol.

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    cindy q

    I noticed alot of people said Victor, but when I looked at their ingredients the first was beef meal wouldn’t beef be better?

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    Not necessarily Cindy. The problem with just beef is that it contains a good amount of water which is cooked out when the kibble is extruded. After cooking the percentage of beef is much lower. Beef meal is a concentrated form of beef. As long as the company is trustworthy I wouldn’t worry about them using a named meat meal like beef meal as it is likely a high quality meal. I wouldn’t want to feed all meat meals though which is why rotation is important.

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    Oh yes! I do like Fromm too!!

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    I have lots of foods that I really like; but, I wish I had five foods that I liked, that also worked well for Sam, my Golden. He’s eating Mulligan Stew right now, which worked like magic for him before, but not as well this time. Right now, there are no kibble that he truly does well on.

    My Cavalier, Arabella, can eat and do well on just about anything. Because I have rotated so much for Sam, I’ve tended to do the same for Bella. Without pulling up my list, the food that I seem to recall her doing best on was Wellness Core Small Breed. I’ve got several kinds of Farmina on hand that I’ll try her on soon. She did well on the samples that she tried.

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    cindy q

    Thanks RescueDaneMom!

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    I thought of one more in addition to the Wellness Core…, Horizon Legacy. Sam did great on Horizon Legacy the first couple of times he ate it, but recently when I tried it, he reacted. Horizon is still one of my favorite foods. Bella still occasionally eats Amicus and does well on it.

    Two more foods I think highly of and wish I could try for Sam are Go! and Now Fresh. It breaks my heart that Sam can’t try either.

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    Darwin’s, Nature’s Logic canned, Nature’s Variety Instinct canned, Fromm pate style canned, Ziwipeak canned.

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    The Honest Kitchen, Natures Logic.

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    Kenneth K

    Stella and Chewy’s Raw Frozen (Raw Frozen)
    ZiwiPeak Daily Dog (Dehydrated)
    ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Cuisine (Canned)
    Primal Raw Frozen Formulas (Raw Frozen)
    Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets (Raw Frozen)

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    Currently my rotation is: Canidae Grain Free Pure, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Naturals, and Orijen Puppy. I use Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete to transition between foods (and to reduce overall price).

    All five star rated foods, no complaints so far.

    I give a daily vitamin supplement as well, mainly bc my dog loves it.

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    Simply Nourish, Weruva, Castor and Pollux, Merrick, Whole Earth Farms

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