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    I’ve a puppy Pug and recently I knew that food I was giving is just 1 star (when I tough it was great).

    I’ve been noticing that “Coco” bites the wall constantly, or eventually eat ground. I told it to the doctor and he said me “It’s a nutritional fail”.

    He recommends to me, “Equiliíbrio” or “Naturalis” by Total (a company from Brasil) ’cause it was complete and balanced.
    What can you tell me about it?

    //– Here’s the main page
    //– Here’s the “Equilibrio” section:
    //– Here’s the “Naturalis” section:

    PD: I’m from Colombia, and here there’s no way to get Acana or Taste of the Wild.
    The best you get here is Royal Canin, ProPlan or Eukanuba. But the prices are very high, (A package of 7.5Kg or 33 pounds; cost around 130 USdollars.)

    Some food expert can review the pages and help me giving a rate comparing with ProPlan or Eukanuba. Thanks!

    (I hope my syntax and grammar is right)

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi OwnerPug –

    Judging by the ingredients (the two formulas I checked contain corn, soy, brewer’s rice) and protein levels (mid 20’s), these foods look like they are about the same quality as foods like Eukanuba, Royal Canin and Pro Plan.

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    I live in colombia and i am able to find taste of tha wild in several local vets. Btw my cats love equilibrio and my lab lives natualis, it has kind of dehydratwd fruit chunks. You should try it. You could also try science diet (hills)

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