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    Leah D

    We have a (approx) 2 year old 50 lbs female spayed Foxhound mix named Riley. We adopted her December 2019.

    When we first got her from the rescue she was underweight and had no problem eating dry dog food. When she gained a little weight she got fussier, so we stopped feeding her just the dry food and switched to dry mixed with a little bit of wet, but more often then not we’d end up throwing it away because she wouldn’t eat it.

    Now we feed her Rachael Ray Nutrish wet food with something mixed in — lean ground turkey, or cooked gizzards usually. But recently she’s become less and less of a good eater, we’ll have to add more mix-ins or warm it up a little in the microwave before she’ll eat. The problem is if she doesn’t eat, especially in the mornings, she always throws up.

    So I think it’s time to switch her food. I was thinking Merrick (honestly just because I really like their packaging and marketing of their wet food), which would probably be at the top of our price range, but does anyone have any other recommendations?

    As a side note, Riley likes food with a very strong smell—when I make Cesar dressing she licks the anchovy oil from my fingers and ate a piece of blue cheese I dropped on the floor once!

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    rick M

    Your dog is kind of different from mine because mine doesn’t chew her food in fact my dog just swallows it whole

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    rick M

    Did you try to use dog joint supplements, those are some of the best available on the market.

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