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    Madison B

    Hi! This may be a long shot but I’m hoping someone else has experienced the same problem with their dog. I have a 3 year old female Westie who recently in this past year has developed what I call a grumbly tummy. It’s usually when she wakes up you can actually hear her stomach rumble and making all these sounds. From reading online, it’s trapped gas. She is pitiful when she has these episodes, atleast once every two weeks it seems. The vet says nothing is wrong and she just has a sensitive tummy. I currently have her own Nutro Rotations. Does anyone recommend a food that will help her tummy and these episodes? Thanks.

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    Bid the vet do an x-ray to rule out a blockage? It sounds like she is experiencing pain.
    Meanwhile, I might soak the kibble in water overnight, maybe mix it with a little wet food or cooked chopped up chicken or lean meat. Maybe add a splash of water to her meals (many dogs do not consume enough water), only feed twice a day.

    My dog that has a sensitive stomach does well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea as a base.
    Check Chewy.com for prices.
    PS: Brush the teeth every evening, check youtube for how to videos, small breeds have lousy teeth.

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    Bobby dog

    Another thought is maybe her stomach is empty in the morning. If you feed twice a day with 10-12 hours between meals perhaps a small snack later in the evening might help. I have two cats that used to vomit prior to breakfast or immediately after eating breakfast. After ruling out any health issues my Vet suggested I try feeding a small snack later in the evening to both of them. I just fed a little less at dinner time to make up for the snack. Some other posters that have had these types of stomach ailments (grumbly sounding stomach or vomiting) have found doing this helpful with their dogs.

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    Hi Madison, sounds like my boy when I first rescued him 3 years ago, he was waking up every 12-14 days around 4am-6am & all I could hear was ping, swish, gurgle, rumble it was so loud, then he’d want to go outside & eat grass…..I started to give him a piece of white bread toast with real finally spread honey, it stopped the noises & he went back to bed if it was 4am, in the end we went to the vets & he put him on a vet diet Gastro Intestinal low fat & said he’s got food sensitivities…

    I would stop feeding the Nutro Rotations there’s something in the Nutro that isn’t agreeing with her stomach/bowel…. I stay away from kibbles now that have peas, tomato pomace, probiotics that are in kibbles, chickpeas, lentils, also the fat% stay around 10-12% & find an limited ingredient kibble, I always recommend “California Natural” Lamb Meal & Rice small breed, it has just 4 ingredients, Lamb meal, Brown Rice, Rice & Sunflower Oil & don’t give any treats nothing except the Lamb & Rice, there’s also a Chicken & Rice but it has 5 ingredients, keep her on California Natural for 3 months & see how she goes….C.N has better ingredients then vet diets & probably cheaper then a vet diet….

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