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    Hello all,

    I help manage social media for a local raw dog food company in Colorado. I understand this forum isn’t for spam, but I did want to reach out to this community and have you take a look at our foods – We offer three raw recipes in beef, bison and lamb varieties, and I would love to know what you think about them! Is this food something you would consider for your dog? If not, why?

    https://k9ancestraldiet.com/ Thanks and let me know what you guys think!

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    It’s nothing I would buy because I don’t use produce as a part of my dogs raw food.

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    Hi K9Ancestraldiet,

    I typically don’t feed raw but have used some freeze dried raw and have purchased raw diet to lightly cook before feeding.

    But in answer to your question no I wouldn’t use your food. I start by evaluating the company and like to see one that meets WSAVA criteria and from your website I don’t see that. Maybe you do but it isn’t evident from the site.

    The site makes statements without any references to back the statements up which is a real turn off for me. For example this: “Raw dog food is 99% digestible, resulting in smaller stools and increased activity for all organs. (The more they work with less rate of passage, the more blood flow to the organs and longer organ life) and this “Did you know that students at Kansas State University ground up a old boot and sent it in for analysis and it was selected as a commercial dog food for the market by AAFCO?”. I think this is referring to a promotional piece from Hill’s Science diet but somehow way skewed from what that marketing piece was about.

    There isn’t any caloric information on the site, the feeding recommendations are vague and don’t look to be accurate as caloric requirements are not linear.

    All in all from the material presented my first impression is that the company understands very little about nutrition, and doesn’t fact check. These are not the qualities I want to see in a company I’m trusting to meet my dog nutrient needs.

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    @ Amiee, InkedMarie,

    Thank you both for your feedback, I will share it with the owners.

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    JILL N

    Hello Aimee (K9Ancestraldiet),
    I appreciate that you are a local distributor, but, no I would not purchase your product. Your prices are definitely not competitive! In my view, your main competition is Suzie’s Doggie Delights, a Colorado, family-owned raw meat processing, and distribution company. Suzie’s specializes in “complete” whole-prey, ground meals, bulk meats, and bones. 36oz of your complete meal beef (three, 4oz bags) costs $84.00. My 73lb GSD should eat that amount in one meal! 32oz of Suzie’s complete meal beef (same ingredients minus the fruit and fancy packaging) costs $10.38 (10lbs is a budget-happy $38.99). Purchasing from Suzie’s allows me to purchase 72lbs of raw, healthy, human grade, USDA inspected meats and meals my fur buddy for an entire month for under $150.00! And, they deliver directly to my door for an additional, underwhelming $10.00 shipping fee. You might want to compare your ingredients, quality, processing facility, philosophy, and pricing to this well-reviewed company at https://www.freshrawdogfood.com/shop/co/simple-recipes-co/beef-veggie-offal-co/

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    JILL N

    Correction: 12oz of your complete meal beef (three, 4oz bags) costs $84.00.

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    12 oz for $84??!! Holy! I didn’t look at pricing. I buy from Hare Today, more than what you pay but far less than this place!

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    Sloane K

    All of the meat choices seem a bit extravagant to me. Where’s the chicken??

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