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    Has anyone heard about these treats? I was told the venison comes from Australia or New Zealand. I’m new to checking out all of the ingredients that goes into Gavi’s food. I’m reading that a lot of the treats aren’t safe. I don’t have time to make my own but I’m planning to try this winter when I have more time. For now I would like to give her a treat or two without harming her.

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    I use Wellness Pure Rewards, but I use the Turkey and the Turkey/Salmon jerky. Two of mine have issues. Laverne gets colitis and Lucy has a tumor on her bladder. Hazel is fine. All three dogs love and do fine eating these treats. In fact, with the Natural Balance merger with Del Monte I’m switching them all over to Wellness Simple Salmon & Pot. as their base kibble. I also top with various canned foods. I use Wellness biscuits, too….the Lamb grain free and the Whitefish.

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    Carolyn B


    I have been feeding these for years, they are literally my two huskies favorite rewards. Is it true that wellness is discontinuing?! I see they still have the core version on their site but that has beef so… that just won’t work. If it is true, I am very upset!

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    Julie C

    I have been using wellbites for my dogs however with the new formula one dog has developed diarrhea. Going to have to look for something else.

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    Carolyn B

    That’s not good, Julie. I use wellbars and don’t have issues.

    Also, wellness DID discontinue their pure rewards jerkies. I switched to The Real Meat Company 95% Venison Jerky Bitz Dog Treats. They have the same ingredients as the wellness venison jerky and look/feel very similar. Not sure where they source their venison but they claim free-range and grass fed.

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