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    Raymond L

    Hello, I would like some advice. I purchased 40 bags of wellness core senior dog food off an Amazon auction website. The best by date is Nov. 9th 2019. I went and checked the bags before bidding, all were sealed and in good condition. Upon getting them home and opening the bag after bag, I found bugs in them. Being an auction site all sales are final and a no return policy is enforced. So I emailed Wellness Core and explained the situation to them and got a reply that was more then discouraging. I was basically told that it was not their problem and that after it leaves their warehouse they have no control over the bags. I just asked if they might replace them seeing how it’s way before the best by date, and silence. Here is what the reply was (

     Dear Raymond,

    Thank you for taking the time to write WellPet regarding Wellness® CORE® Senior Formula Dry Dog Food.  At WellPet we are committed to providing the highest quality pet foods and treats available.  Our expert staff of engineers is continuously improving our products to ensure that they are tasty and nutritious for your pet.  We regret that the product you received did not meet our high standards.

    Our manufacturing facilities follow a very strict insect and pest control program that is constantly monitored. However, if pet food, treats and snacks are not stored properly at the distributor or retailer level, insects can be a problem. They can travel inside the packaging and can be seen in multiple stages including eggs, larvae, webbing, moths etc. Insect infestation can come from many places along the distribution channel and occurs prior to the consumer purchasing the product. While these insects are a nuisance and pet food industry does its best to store its food properly, they are non-toxic and non-parasitic.  

    In order to better address your concerns we would like to get some additional information about the product for our Quality Assurance Department. If possible, please provide us with the flavor and package size of the product in question, as well as the Best if Used By/Please Enjoy By date and any additional manufacturing information stamped on the package.

    We do recommend working with the Amazon auction vendor for a refund.


    Had they not had good dates I would understand. So basically I am out? Thank you for listening. Raymond

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    Raymond L

    Oh and I did supply the asked for info with no follow up by the company. You would think they would be right on that to figure out how bugs got into their dog food.

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    I don’t buy dog food kibble from Amazon. Not sure how it’s stored. I don’t buy dog food kibble unless the expiration date is at least a year out. ” Amazon auction website” not a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon but not for dog food.

    Don’t buy anything that will leave an opened bag not used up within 2 months at the most. Store in an airtight container, cool pantry or even better the fridg.

    Better luck next time.

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    Raymond L

    I get what you’re saying, I usually agree. We buy from Petsmart mostly. But you would think a product from a well known company would stand behind their products. And if Amazon was selling this product for Wellness they would make sure the product was still good. Just saying. And yes that is the last time I will buy dog food like that again
    Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate your thoughts. Sincerely Raymond

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