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    Kim W

    Although this is rated 5, when I put ingredients through the calculator, calcium was 5. Elsewhere on the site I read it shouldn’t exceed 2% for large breed pups. Have I made a mistake?

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    I just plugged the numbers in and got 4 with a ratio of 1.5 to 1. I’m not sure where you got 2% from.

    Did you use the calculator here:


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    Kim W

    Hi, thank you. On the same page I read that a calcium ideal was 3, and should NOT exceed 4.5. I got 5.5, which is what is causing concern.

    These are the numbers I plugged in, and the result:

    Calcium Content Analyzer
    Step 1
    Enter dog food’s calcium content
    2% Calcium
    Step 2
    Enter dog food’s phosphorus content
    1.4% Phosphorus
    Step 3
    Enter dog food’s calorie content
    3660 kcal / kg


    Calcium = 5.5 g per 1000 kcal
    Ca to P ratio = 1.4 to 1

    Thanks for your help. Just trying to get my new pup off to the best start 😊

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    I used 1.5 calcium, 1.0 phos and 3792 calories taken from the Wellness website today.

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    Jenn H

    I have a LBP and fed him this until 6 months. By that age he was so big he need a lot. It was getting too expensive and causing loose stool. Plus he just wasn’t satisfied after eating.
    The reason I chose it was because the calcium amount was right. If you search for Hounddogmom she has a list posted that has 4-5 star brands that are safe for LBP.
    My guy is 9 months now and I’m in the process of transitioning him to Orijen from Solid Gold Wolf Cub. I didn’t want to have get something so expensive, but after doing the math I think it’ll end up being about the same price per cup if not a little less.
    The reason for switching was because he hasn’t been gaining weigt. In order to get him to where he should be I have to feed him 6-7 cups. That’s just too much kibble.
    With that comes a lot of cleaning up.
    With Orijen he won’t need more than 3 cups and I expect he won’t poop out as much given it’s nutrient rich. It’s just a more dense food.

    There’s quite a few good choices for LBPs. Just do your research and be prepared to pay more up front for the quality stuff. It doesn’t end up being more expensive when they aren’t getting rid of the extras and you have to feed less.
    I also contact the foods before switching to ask what the max calcium is in their food. They’re always just putting min. It makes me crazy. (Orijen does list min & max. Practically like it for that reason alone.)

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    Whichever person entered the as fed or max calcium and phosphorus has the correct data. I believe the OP has the max levels

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    Jenn H

    Wellness Core GF puppy (not the large breed) says on bag Calcium “not more than” 1.5% Phosphorus “not more than” 1%.
    Don’t see where it says as fed, ME or DM. That can also change the #s.

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    Jenn H

    Anyway the answer to your original question is NO.
    1.5% is not too much. It’s at the higher end though. 1.7% is the absolute max. I try to stay as far under 1.5 as possible.

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