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    Brittany P

    my dog is over weight i can’t seem to find hardly any good reviews on weight management dog food.

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    In the red line above, click “reviews” to get to the review side of DFA. Then, type in “best weight loss foods’ and links come up.

    I used Wellness Core reduced fat food with good results. if I needed such a food now, I’d try Annamaet Lean.

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    Samuel R

    Hello, I have been feeding my male dog Annamaet Lean for months now and its been working great. I was using Wellness Core but the Annamaet has better ingredients and far less fiber and more protein.

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    Tim S

    We are feeding Dr. Tim’s Metabolite to our older, arthritic Dutch Shepherds. We have witnessed no adverse outcomes such as skin irritation or loose stools (following several days of transition). The dogs seem to like the food.

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    susan k

    Maybe just feed less of a high quality food is the answer. Some light foods have too many fillers.

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    I’ve never fed a weight management formula before but Dr. Tim’s seems to be a budget friendly brand that has a decent ingredient list on their weight management formula. If it was me, I would try cutting back on what you feed, and that means cutting back on scraps and treats as well or completely eliminating them!

    *How many cups a day is your dog eating?
    *What is your dogs ideal adult weight? (not what he weighs currently.)
    *Have you looked at a dog body condition chart? Usually these charts are a better indication of whether a dog is over or under weight. I don’t ever weigh my dog, I just watch his body condition and put my hands on him to feel his ribs.

    When looking at weight management brands the one thing you want to watch out for is how many carbs are in it. That’s the real killer, and like Susan K said, many weight management formulas have a lot of fillers, thus relating to a lot of carbs, and a lot of carbs = weight gain in non active dogs.

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